Thursday, May 14, 2009


So, last night Jack ate dinner and held it down. Then I gave him his med's. I didn't want to give him the enalapril because that is the new variable in his regimine that occured along with the vomiting. But I had to give it. So I did.

3am rolled around and Jack woke up asking for apple juice. I gave it to him and as soon as it hit his stomach he was telling me his tummy hurt. He threw it up about 30 minutes later.

This morning he ate his breakfast well. I gave him his med's, all BUT the enalapril. I got the go ahead from his Cardiologist to stop that med and see what happens. Jack's x-ray looked really good and his blood showed low potassium. (big surprise)

We are planning on hanging here for another day to make sure he does well without the enalapril and will eat, and will still stay dry enough to prevent the effusion.

He ate some lunch and POOPED after, (yay) so things are looking good right now. . . but it changes every hour.

On a lighter note- look at my ADORABLE new neice:

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Grandma Ann said...

Well, I don't look at your blog for a day and Jack pulls a trick on me. So sorry that you are back there.
But, I am glad that he seems to be doing better. I hope that he is well enough to go home soon.
I am thinking about and praying for your little family.
Hang in there, I care.
Grandma Ann (HLHS-Transplant-2008)