Saturday, May 16, 2009

A step forward-

Dr. Su told me to not give Jack any of his diuretic's today. So we spent the day making sure Jack was eating and drinking, which he has, a little bit, and is holding it down. He is seeming much better, more talkative, and more active.

Though I am happy to not be giving him his terrible med's every 3 hours, I'm nervous about the pleural effusion returning due to our decision to not give him any diuretics. But he is still sunken-eyed, and not seeming puffy, so I doubt he is filling up with fluid. It's really scary though, to have these decisions in your hands.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, and hopefully Monday will bring good news.

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Kyle and Alli said...

I have been wondering how Jack was handling things today....please let this be the answer!