Saturday, February 19, 2011

Viva la Peedie.

Our little Peedie is going on 3 years old. Typically when people revisit our house they ask "Is your fish still alive?" It is like he is some phenomenon. I can safely say he has lived longer than any other fish I have had. Or other water/tank creatures I've had. He is so tough. I've dropped him down the disposal 4 times. (Not while it was running, of course.)

I think another reason Peedie is still here, is his great relationship he has with Lucy. They have spent countless hours alone and Peedie is always left unharmed. In fact, Lucy prefers to get her water specifically from Peedie's bowl. I've never had to get her water, as long as I keep Peedie's bowl clean. She'll watch him, and she won't drink if he is eating. She's very polite. There has only been one occasion- and this is hearsay, that Lucy has ever dipped her paw in the bowl.

I'm not sure the record lifespan of a beta, but I wouldn't be surprised if Peedie goes for the record. He's a good fish.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

Congenital Heart Disease is considered to be the most common birth defect, and is a leading cause of birth-defect related deaths worldwide.

Despite the fact that CHD affects approximately 1.8 millions families in the U.S., a relatively small amount of funding is currently available for parent/patient educational services, research, and support.

By sharing our experiences and providing information, we hope to raise public awareness about conditions that affect approximately 40,000 babies each year in the United States alone.

It is our sincere hope that efforts to educate the public will result in improved early diagnosis, additional funding for support and educational services, scientific research, and access to quality of care for our children and adults.

This week has been another reminder to us that not only are we not alone, but there are SO many children born with broken hearts. I am asked all the time if we "know anyone else with the same condition as Jack" and I will answer with a gasp, YES! There are so many... and though it is a sad truth, it is also a comfort that people can understand how important this is. There is a lot of research out there being done, and needing to be done.

CHD awareness week is almost over, but it is not too late to help the cause.

Thank you to every who supports, not just financially, but emotionally.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I know I've already posted about feeling old, but this is something that SEEMS like it has changed. I see kids walking home from school all over the place by our house and I always ask myself "does their mom know they are out there walking alone on these busy streets?"
But then it occurs to me that these kids are walking home from Cottonwood HIGH SCHOOL and they are well past the age of having their hands held by their parents. They LOOK like they are 10 years old- but they are really 16.

I walked to school from 1st grade through 9th grade, and the distance to the Elementary school more than doubled the distance to the Middle School. I remember when my mom told me I was "lucky enough to walk to school like Carter and Laura." It seemed plenty safe, however, they would leave earlier than I and I was usually on my own, unless I met up with friends. These paths lead through huge fields of sage brush then down a wide residential road that was still dirt, not yet paved, then you crossed 11400 S. (safely if you were timely enough to catch the crossing guard) then you'd slip through an open corner of the fence that ran the large perimeter of the school grounds.

When I imagine Jack walking that far at the age of 7 or 8 I feel TERRIFIED and possibly very PARANOID that he won't end up where he is headed, he'll get lost or someone will flat out take him before he can get there. I'm not sure if we just lived in a wonderful classic age of "keep your doors unlocked" and "your yard is our yard" but the idea of sending Jack down Highland Dr. to walk to Elementary School each day doesn't seem like a viable option. I'm hoping that I'm not going to be one those parents that builds the bubble around their one, precious child; I'm certainly failing at that now- but hopefully as Jack grows up, I will learn that he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. (Right?) Cause that doesn't seem imaginable right now.

Then again, I remember thinking it was unimaginable that he would ever eat solid foods. So, I should gain some perspective, I guess..