Monday, May 18, 2009

Did this really happen?

We went to Primary's today and ACTUALLY DIDN'T GET ADMITTED. Jack's x-ray looked normal, which is pretty incredible for not being on any diuretic's, and having such a pest of a pleural effusion. His bloodwork looked ok, his potassium is of course low. But Dr. Su decided to back down on the diuretic's, so he is getting lasix 2X daily, and the potassium 1X daily. That is 3 times of taking med's a day, instead of 8 times!

Dr. Su told us we weren't "out of the woods" yet, but that this is a good step forward. So we'll go back on monday for another x-ray and blood test.

I'm still really scared, and very reluctant to get my hopes up. But the fact that Jack is happy, and acting relatively normal is enough to keep me sane.

PS. Baby Grant went home!! It was a good weekend for everyone.


carter said...


Laura Lee said...

That is great news! I'm so glad he's doing better.

Happy Anniversary to you and Josh!

Christina said...

Yea for not be readmitted! I hope Jack continues to improve and stay home.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Kyle and Alli said... your text yesterday, but in the chaos, I realized I never responded! I am SO GLAD to hear the good news....maybe we were the bad luck charm! I am exhausted and getting nothing done here, but it is bliss!

And I think today is your anniversary which means tomorrow is your Birthday! HAPPY DAY! I hope you guys get in tons of celebrating and don't have to spend these ones in the hospital!!

Jergs Family said...

Holy Moly! Happy Anniversary today and Happy Birthday tomorrow! I think you couldn't ask for a better gift than to be out of the hospital and home with your darling family! Have a wonderful week - we'll keep praying for all of you!

Grandma Ann said...

Hi Lisa,
Good news. It's okay to get a little bit hopeful about Jack. It is also okay to be scared. He is your baby and a handsome little guy he is.
Great news for Grant. So glad they are at home.
Happy Anniversary, it sounds like you have a great guy.
Happy birthday. I have quit counting b/days. After 50 they seem to run together.
You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.
Grandma Ann (Alex Stewart-HLHS-Transplant)