Wednesday, May 13, 2009



Not kidding.

Jack wouldn't stop throwing up all night and was running a fever and getting no med's, no water. We called at 2am and they said to just bring him in for his appt. at 8am or we'd be going to the ER. We came in, got labs and x-ray, then they were worried about his fever, and being dehydrated, so they admitted us.

Good news: It's not a pleural effusion. The x-ray was GORGEOUS and worthy of framing and hanging over the mantle. His blood labs came back pretty good, electrolytes were higer than when we left. Potassium good. Sodium OK. But he did still seem dry. TOO dry. But, he satted in the 80's off his O2, so he isn't on supplemental oxygen, and is tube-free.

Bad news: Back here on the surgical floor with needles, cords, labs, tests, vitals and IV's. He isn't too happy. We have to stay overnight for sure to get the culture back to see if he has some sort of viral infection, or respitory infection. We are in isolation in the "Crappy" end of the surgical floor. In a small room.

So, we wait. He has had some gatorade and crackers that he's kept down. Hopefully that is progress.

We are trying to start a record of most admissions to
primary's in a month.


Suzi said...

Oh no! Please tell me it's not true! Oh how we all wish we could do something to help!

Cameron's Corner said...

At what point do they just let you live there? Seriously.

I know someone when you're ready to take out your 17th mortgage.

Melissa said...

Holy Cow!! I hope he gets out for good soon. Enough is enough!! :)

Kimmie said...

That is just awful...I hope that you survive yet another round of this! At least the x-ray was awesome. poor little Jack...I just remember my 2/12 year old going through the was the worst of all the surgeries for different reasons that keep you coming back, but isn't it supposed to be the "easiest" so to speak? Im so sorry Jack has to keep little boy should have to go through this, let alone 3 heart surgeries! Best wishes...especially from the "sanity" department!!!

Kyle and Alli said...

Oh boy. I think you have lost it. Hanging X Rays on the mantle? Come on Lisa....where will the Shrine of Bouncy Balls from Radiology go? I think all of the admissions have made you lose your sense of decor!

(and we are SO SORRY you guys are back! Really...Jack just missed Grant!...right?!)

Christina said...

Wow, you guys must really like it up there :). I am glad the xray looked clear though. Hopefully you can be home soon and stay out for a long time.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Mindi said...

Sheesh! You are a shoe in for mother of the year. Jack is so lucky to have you. Hang in there.

carolyn q said...

I was so sad when you emailed me back yesterday that you had been admitted again.
I hope that today he has turned the corner with being able to keep things down and that his fever is down too.
Great news about the x-ray :0)

Mike and Rebecca said...

Oh no not again! At least the x-rays looked good. Hopefully everything will get better soon, I know the room your talking about, its not the greatest...our prayers are with Jack.

Mike & Rebecca Patton