Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five Years, today.

5 years
(picture, courtesy of Jack)

Happy Anniversary to us. I'm not one for spelling out all my feelings for my husband all over by blog, and gloating about how great I have it, so I'll keep it simple.
The five top things I love about Josh:
1. I love the way you dream big. Nothing can stop you. That's the way it should be.
2. I love the way you stopped the car in the middle of the street and ran over to jump on a bag of leaves on the side of the street.
3. I love when you get down on the ground and play with Jack.
4. I love when you start conversations with "Do you know what I'm excited for?"
5. I love how you do whatever you can for your family.

There you go. Happy May 19th, Love.


Holly ( the bad daughter) said...

Aw! Happy belated and HAPPY Birthday!
Five thing I love about you guys...

Always pushing forward. No matter what!

Patience. For me (haha), but most importantly for the cute lil' family!

The fact that you guys have so much faith in me! Trusting me to be your nanny?! Scary:) Lol.

Generosity, like the time you (Lisa) came all the way to my work to give me gas money! Who does that? YOU my friend!!

Cheeser, your passion and appreciation for ALL the cute little 4-legged creatures:) From hedgehogs to dogs!!

LOVE you guys!!!

Kyle and Alli said...

Jack is quite the photographer! I hope you are celebrating all of the big holidays....birthday included!!