Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Showman

Jack had a very busy week. Who am I kidding- we ALL had a very busy week. But Jack was the only one who had to dress up and perform a couple times. One, was his "walking report card" where instead of meeting with the teacher to privately discuss your child, you come to the school PRIME TIME and watch your kids perform the things they've been learning. Josh couldn't attend because he was working, but I made every effort to enjoy the whole production. There were lots of songs from my past, like "God Bless America" and the "Chicken Dance" plus many more I'd never heard before. The children sat down with their parents and completed a packet full of phonics, math, reading and graphing. Luckily Jack flew threw his packet with no problem. We also got to see the stories each of our children authored. Very interesting stuff- complete with illustration. Then they sang a million songs and we called it quits.
(True Story)
(The Illustration, complete with pregnant:me)
(The Pledge of Allegiance)
(Your Are My Sunshine)
(Some learning/exercise dance that reminded me of Chicken Fat)
(The grasshopper and the Ants theatrical performance)
(Jack, workin' it with McKenzi during the Chicken Dance)

(Sign Language never gets old.)

On St. Patrick's Day, we were invited to have Jack perform in the Fashion Show at the new Macy's in City Creek. He had to wear some serious stuff- all Ralph Lauren'ed up, and he was great about it. A couple other Wish kids were there, cute Amelia who had a kidney transplant, and cute Jonah who has sickle cell (he was also on Extreme Makeover.) Jack was not shy at all- and worked his stuff on the catwalk. It was really fun and he enjoyed it. Plus, anything to help Make-A-Wish.

Jack can't make a normal face.