Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Bride

I had the nice, leisurely opportunity to photograph a wedding, at my own pace. It was really nice to not have a whole lot of pressure, but also nice to have it be family, so I could boss people around by name.

Samantha was flawless and easy-going, the perfect equation for a great bride.

Thanks Sam and Alan, for letting me have my big, fat lens in your face all day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Birthday Weekenders

I try to make birthdays special. I want to bring back that feeling you'd get when you were young, and wake up on the day of your birthday with a zing in your stomach, the anticipation of what surprises lay ahead of you.

I surprised Josh with a weekend up at the Westgate in Park City. It's a favorite of ours. So we lucked out with early check in and headed up to the hotel and went swimming. After that, we ate dinner at Bistro 412, a restaurant that features lovely french cuisine. Jack gave us some time to ourselves while he flirted with the hostess.

I made Josh a birthday cake, which happened to be the same cake I made Jack. It was such a hit, that I figured it couldn't fail. Even though Josh asked for his beloved 7 minute frosting- that I just plain wasn't fond of.
The next morning we had our complimentary breakfasts and then Josh was presented with a massage at Serenity Spa. (Thank you mom, and Laura.) He loves being pampered. He also loves hotel robes. So he wore his to the spa, even though it was 3 buildings away.

Jack and I kept ourselves busy till Josh came back. We all had lunch at Main Street Pizza and Noodle. They have excellent pizza and garlic bread. Then we went back to the hotel and had a nap. Then Jack and I ran off to outlets while Josh vegged out in his robe.

That night was a great episode of Celebrity Apprentice where I predicted that producers would never let Trump fire Sharon Osborne, so he chose to fire no one. Of course.

I gave Josh a buzzer for his birthday, he has never been one for presents, only necessities. So he was pleased.

Happy Birthday, Love. I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


How do I even begin to tell the story about our trip to Chicago...
I give bullet points.

- Dad took my sister Laura and I to Chicago as a Christmas present
- We arrived and were dropped off at the Miracle Mile to shop
- Miller's Pub was the place to get ribs, and they were delicious
- Sat morning we ate at Lou Mitchell's, the best breakfast in Chicago, and it was..
- The CUBS game was an experience, they lost, but we got nice shirts
- Sat afternoon included a lovely architectual boat tour with an equally lovely tour guide
- Sat night offered a great dinner at Avec, a ritzy small plate restaurant
- Sun morning dad had a bike tour scheduled, I rode "Big Al" in a very hard gear
- Turns out the best view of Chicago is from the 96th floor Women's Room in the Hancock Building
- Sun afternoon took us to a concert of chamber music, that dad described as a "good dose of carrots", that was until after the performance, which he really liked
- After the concert we ate at "Greek Islands" and it was truly greek
- Mon morning we ate at Lou Mitchell's again cause it's the best
- Flew home

I was SO camera happy in this town, it was miraculous and beautiful. I also more my holga, those are yet to be developed. So here's a good chunk of my favorites.

Thanks for an awesome trip, Dad.