Friday, May 27, 2011

Thirty, Eighteen, Twenty-Five.. whatever.

I turned 30 on May 20th. I've had lots of great jokes- like Josh getting me "Over the Hill" balloons, lots of "Happy Birthday Granny" or "Have a great day, saggy mama.."

Super fun comments indicating that though 30 sounds old, it really isn't. Which I completely agree, and to tell the truth, I've felt 30 since I was 17. Many people have asked "so does it feel different to be 30" and I just think to myself.... not really.

In high school I was ITCHING to get out. I felt like I was around a bunch of crazy kids making stupid choices and causing unnecessary problems. Then college was nice, better; people actually following rules and making better decisions. When I met Josh and knew in my heart I was going to marry him I thought "wait, I'm only 22.." but again, FELT much older. So it seemed alright. Then that led to Jack. Childbirth, parenting. That was probably the time I felt my age the most, but fought through it to become a mature, role-model for my son.

Thirty isn't bad. Age doesn't matter. Things change, yes... eyes grow "feet" and legs grow "cottage cheese" but I honestly feel that the best is yet to come. I'm still learning and I have a lot of time to become a wonderful person.

Here's to THIRTY! Cheers.

Special thanks those truly thoughtful gifts.. you know who ya'll are.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lucky Number Seven

MAN, am I glad the weather on May 19, 2004 was better than it is in 2011.
Seven years ago I married the man I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

I really do love him.

No mushy stuff, no lists of why, and no stories about our courtship. This one's short an simple. I love him.

Happy Anniversary, Dear. Here's to lucky number seven.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Moments that have Improved Motherhood.

Big brother's don't have to be human.

Even the messiest messes can be cute. Most messes Jack makes are result of curiosity or creativity. I embrace his passion for art, his desire to draw stars all over the walls, his need to put stickers on everything to make them "look better" and his wonderful ability to recreate something he has seen on paper.

Christmas can be just as much fun as it was when I was little. Being able to see the excitement and feel like a kid again is one of my FAVORITE parts of being a Mother. I love showing Jack all the things I used to do as a kid, build huts, draw hopscotches with chalk, make banana splits, and sleep in the bath tub..

Jack has always been a great impersonator. I love being able to watch first hand as he tries to be "like mom" or be "like dad."
Terribly adorable.

I love the feeling of being a "proud parent" and when my little boy makes me proud, I feel most like a Mother.

Sometimes I am the Mother of two.. but it is wonderful to have someone that can be the kid that Jack needs to play with. This happens a lot, which means my motherly duties are many, but it is more than worth it for my two boys.

I'm the luckiest Mother in the world to have such a great road tripper. Jack will go on 6-7 hour car rides and it will almost be as fun as the trip itself. When I was young I was stuck in between my brother and sister in the backseat for hours and hours. I probably put up more of a stink than I should have. But it makes me all the more grateful to have a boy that loves to road trip to Vegas. Many, many times.

My motherhood was raw during these times, times when I would sit by and let people poke my boy with needles, inject tubes in between his ribs, and send him off with strangers dressed in scrubs to open him up and put him on bypass. No Mother should have to give that kiss goodbye, but those moments helped make me the greatest Mother I could possibly be.

All Mother's learn the lesson that unapproved haircuts are inevitable. It usually happens more than once, making you feel like you've messed up twice. But really- it's ok. Especially when you have a boy :)

I learned early on that sleeping by my mom made me feel safer. Although I like my sleep, my space and my quiet, I'll help provide Jack that same feeling of safety and comfort whenever I can. Some of the best moments of Motherhood are watching my baby sleep, safe and sound in his bed.

The greatest lesson of all- it's ok to have my 5 year old son be my best friend. We spend all day, and sometimes all night together, we tell each other everything and we share in each other's sorrows and silliness. Whatever will I do when he doesn't need me as much?

I'll savour these Mother's Day's and enjoy every moment.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mystery Lifeguard

While in San Diego, Jack and I spent a whole day at the pool while Josh dealt with the car issues. Around lunch time they had life entertainment and a friendly man with dreds came out with his steel drums to play the plinky, plunky music that makes you feel relaxed somehow.

To my surprise, I recognized one of the songs and was humming right along... it took me awhile to figure out what it was till I started singing aloud.

"Mys-ter-y Lifeguard....they call me Mys-ter-y Lifeguard...."

I said "JACK! Do you hear this song? And he (as though it was no big deal) said "Yeah it's Backyardigans."

I was so confused to how the nice rastafarian man knew the Backyardigans song. Usually- they write their own music. On occasion they use other tunes. So came home and investigated to find out that "Mystery Lifeguard" is written to the tune of "Guantanamera" which is written by a Spanish gentleman. It would have been super awesome if the guy was a huge Backyardigan's fan, like I am- (I have other songs downloaded) but at least this was an educational experience.

I still love it. But now I know why I can't download it.