Sunday, June 29, 2008

"I sorry Domnic"

So, sometimes, when you are really enjoying yourself a wave of panic almost immediately follows, because you ARE enjoying yourself which means your child is off doing something quietly and getting into alot of trouble.

My question, is how Dominic let this go as far as it did. Once my panic settled in I started to go upstairs to find out what Jack was up to- and I smelled a lovely Cucumber Melon as I approached the upper floor. Out of my bedroom ran a very greasy looking Dominic who zoomed downstairs to the door and Jack came running after with an upside down, open bottle of his shampoo. I grabbed Jack and started closing the bottle and scooping it all off the carpet and yelled down to Josh to look as see if Dominic had stuff all over him.

"YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS!" Josh yells back.

So Josh suited up and took dominic into the shower where Dom got a huge reality check to how small he acutally IS after shrinking all his fur down in water. Intense meowing echoed through the bathroom and a now naked Jack stood at the shower door repeatedly saying "I sorry Domnic! I sorry Domnic!"

So I would have gotten actual photos of the event, but because of Josh's brave alothough reluctant move to shower Dominic I wasn't about to whip out the camera with a smile and say "I'm SO going to blog this!!"

So you'll just have to imagine our quite large and fluffy Dom, out on the deck all shrunken and wet, licking himself off...

Friday, June 27, 2008

K, Haley, I finally got around to it...

Haley tagged me about a month ago. But now that I'm not following my child around with a net and antibacterial soap- I have time.


1. I'm obsessed with my pillow. It's a cabbage patch pillow I got from my grandma in the 80's and it goes everywhere with me. Even the birthing room.... (EEEWWWW you all say.) I wash it. so don't worry.

2. I feel bad when I don't finish a meal at restaurants. I hide food, like under the garnish, or I'll stick the rest of my steak under my mashed potatoes. Or at Melting Pot we didn't eat all the lobster, so I stuck it back under the shell it was served on.

3. I think I'm addicted to carbonation. I unknowingly went without it for two weeks, till I realized I was in such a bad mood cause I hadn't had a Dr. Pepper in forever.

4. I have to have clean children. If there is something on Jacks face or hands I'm on it with a Wet One in seconds. I won't let the boogies run down their noses. I have lotion/aloe tissues standing by.

5. If I touch any sort of household cleaner with my bare hands they break out into crazy bumps that feel like splinters all over. It's starting on my feet now...if I walk on my floor after cleaning it. It's super annoying.

6. I NEED to be peoples friend. I like people being able to depend on me. It's the mother in me. Or something. If it's a best friend that needs some advice or if it's a stranger looking for information that I happen to know alot about. I like to help people out.

7. I carry more than one camera everywhere I go. I take pictures of the craziest things. Like today at gateway my dream finally came true and I got a GREAT close-up shot of a fire truck. I always have wanted to take one but never had the guts to walk into a fire station and ask if I could take a picture of their truck...

Friday, June 20, 2008


This morning Jack and I took a short hike up to "Grandpa's Cabin" in Big Cottonwood canyon. Jack was a trooper and though he was carried most of the way, he did a good job with his walking parts. Mainly he kept me laggin' cause he wanted to pick up every rock he found in front of him and say "Keep it?"

We had a lovely time. I suggest going up the canyons for fun times right now because the weather is PERFECT. Run along.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Those who know me, know that I hate cooking. Baking...I can handle, but cooking, I absolutely DREAD. Tonight, after tasting Kate and Kevin's delicious mashed cauliflower, I decided to take it upon myself to make my own. A healthy alternative to our perference of buttery mashed potatoes.

So I consult Kevin, getting all the seasonings and directions under my belt. Turns out- "mashing" isn't as easy as just putting things in a blender. My blender wasn't adequate for pureeing steamed cauliflower, so I put the half-chewed pieces into my food processor, which could take about 1/2 cup at a time. So after chopping it up to a grainy substance, I put it all back INTO the blender it started in and tried blending it. The bottom inch got it pretty good. While the rest of it stood still and stuck close to the walls of the blender. So I added milk. (which Kev said not to do) and suddenly cauliflower juice slowly began leaking out the bottom of the blender. So I tried to thicken it up a bit by adding butter (which I'm also sure, isn't helping with the healthy part) and it turned smooth, but was quite runny.

There's something about wanting something bad enough that you will make it yourself, then you spend so much time preparing it, and having contact with it, that by the time the final product is ready, you are just plain disgusted by it. Like Steve Carell on "40 Year-Old Virgin" when he makes his egg salad sandwich.

So Jack is downstairs, he had a couple bites and now he's smearing it all over my table.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photo Assignment

Thank you to those who participated in the "list" on my page, I will give any of those who still wish to send me some a day or two before I post all of the entries.

Nice work. Y'all.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I don't know if you know this, but I'm kind of a big deal..

So if you check out the merchandise at this here website, you may just come across me and my friend Jenifer. Because we are hot mama's, we feel a little proud to be modeling clothing for the age group we "look" like we are in. I proud of that..

So anyway, Nat's friend had us model his clothing for Nikita and we are now on the internet. That's scary. But really, the only reason I can do this is because of the people like "Pat" at my work, who wanted me to guess how old he was. I said I don't like playing that game, and he said "What are you, 19?"

"That's why I don't play that game, Pat."

Or my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR. Whom I've known for a good, 9 months now. Just yesterday she said she thought I was 20 or 21. With my two and a half year-old. Which shows what kind of 18-year old she assumed I was.

I'm 27 years old. I'm a decent age to have had a child, be married, and consider myself an "adult" yet the people in this world that I don't know and pass by everyday, probably look at me and think I'm some teenage single-mother that made all the wrong choices and decided to live with my consequences.

Well to those of you saying "At least people think you look young! WHAA WHAA!" ...all I am saying is I am happy to look 'young' but would like to 'look' like a young adult that is pretty, and not a teenager. Sheesh.

Now go look at these teenage type clothes I'm modeling at