Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Let's see if it happens again.."


So they decided that the echo shows great heart function and surgically, he is "stellar". But there is a little bit of narrowing in the PA's that could be causing high pressures, that in turn, cause the body to leak fluid, causing the pleural effusions. But they don't want to go in and cath him because for one, it's too soon to tell, and two, he's only a month out from surgery. So we are going to keep treating him with diuretic's, which he seems to be responding to really well because he hasn't had much output thorough his chest tube in the last 24 hours. They want to be careful this time so they are going to wait a few days to pull the chest tube, and in the meantime change all his diuretic's to oral (they are being given thru IV right now) and see how his body does with the oral intake, and then send us home.

That's when Josh and I get to be paranoid and scared everytime we see jack cough, get puffy-eyed, or curl up in a ball on the floor. I will really just be waiting for all the signs. I asked if we could get x-rays every day.... they said he'll for sure get one at the follow-up appt, then if they decrease his diuretics then we'll have another.

The good news, is that this isn't AS MUCH fluid. Pretty dang close though... and Jack is only on .25 litres of O2 and satting above 80. Even WITH the chest tube in. So that is encouraging. It is also really good news that his heart function is good, and that the Fontan is working the way it should. They said that the pressures through the fenestration looked good- and that the flow was doing what it was supposed to.

So thre you go.

We'll be here for a little bit. But for good reason.


cici said...

I will pray for all of you.

Amy Gardner said...

Oh Jack, hang in there buddy! Hang in there mamma too. I'm inspired by your strength through all of this. You should write a book. Seriously.