Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maybe we will, Maybe we won't.

So today was a much better day, in that he wasn't one color and speechless. Today he has felt alot better, talking ALOT, and kind won't stop...

He spent some time with Aunt Jill and Uncle Lindsay- sadly, he threw up his mac'n'cheese with them. But it wasn't all that gross because due to Jack's inability to CHEW his food, it looked alot like mac'n'cheese straight from the pot.

We managed to get some mashed potatoes, noodles and apples sauce down. Just a little bit. But he kept it down, and his med's down. Which is an achievement. If he does this well overnight and tomorrow, we may go home. But I'm being super extra cautious, and if we need to stay another night we will.

Stay tuned.

Oh and I only said "if anyone is still following this" because we are reliving the same thing over and over. I'd get bored with it.


leandparkermakes3 said...

I'm so glad he is eating and keeping things down for the most part! I hope you can have a Happy Mother's Day, even though you will be spending it in the hospital. I think you are an amazing mother. You have had to handle so much in such a short amount of time. Thank goodness Jack has you. Hang in there!

Grandma Ann said...

Hi Lisa,
This is Ann Stewart. Thanks for posting on my blog.
I have been on your blog several times. I hope they are able to stop the effusion.
My dad is 82, and broke his ribs and his cavity filled up for three months. They too could not figure out why. The diuretics kept it drained enough that he has been 2 weeks since the last drain.
I hope that they can figure out how to stop Jack effusion and that you will be able to return home soon.
I'm sorry you have to keep repeating the past issues with Jack.
Keep your chin up,
Ann (Alex Stewart-HLHS-Transplant-2008)