Wednesday, May 6, 2009

no word yet

I know everyone is wondering about the echo. ME TOO.

Todays events are minimal, and last night there was ZERO sleeping. So I've been trying to snag naps all day. Jack had his echo at about 11:30 and was quite drunk after. The Dr. came in to listen to him and he asked "How was your echo?" and Jack said "ECHO! ECHO! ECHO!"

It was funny. So since then we've just been waiting to hear from either Kouretas, Su, Bonnie, Linda, Kaza, Wilson... SOMEONE.... but no word yet. So our nurse just paged the team to see if they have any news on the echo. We'll see.

(addition, made an hour later)

So, they've seen the echo. They had a meeting at 5pm. And now- we may not hear from them till tomorrow morning. Someone MAY come talk to me, if they feel like it, I guess, but I won't really hear "the plan" until rounds tomorrow morning. Which is usually around the time we finally fall asleep.


Jergs Family said...

You must be exhausted! We're keeping you in our prayers and hope all goes well. I hope you can sleep tonight. How can I help you?

Mindi said...

SO FRUSTRATING!! Hang in there and dream of all the good news you'll get tomorrow.