Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer 2012

Again, my blog has become more of a personal record, my memoirs, something for Jack to look back upon fondly. (hopefully..)

This summer was fun and relaxed.. to keep it simple, I'll do it by pictures and captions, as to not bore myself.

 We did Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point with Deb, Bella, Jonah and Stetson

We went to the Zoo, with Keisha, Brandon, Grayson and Sara and Roman
Jack got some one on one time with the Polar Bear

We did the pool up at Steiner's Aquatic Center.

We met up with some old friends for some new times

We got every penny's use out of our $5 Slip'n'Slide

We helped out some friends

Dad came home :)

We saw some premiere's

We did the Dino Museum

Saw MORE old friends and made MORE new times

Sprayed and got sprayed with and by the firemen

Played soccer and made the teams first goal

Had a blast with cousins

Did some hikin

MORE old friends..

Spent more time with Family

MORE hiking..

MORE flowers

More sore feet

Spent some time in Park City

Hiked down the Tram at Snowbird

I'm sure there's more, but that's what I have from my photo stash. Summer is fun. NOW BACK TO SCHOOL!