Saturday, August 21, 2010

I found out why Jack is speaking in a British accent..

.... and why there is so much history on my computer..

He loves this. So much.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I hate that I am a facebooker. I do. I won't lie, I "hide" a lot of things on my wall. However I am not a crazy facebooker; I don't rely on it for valid information and I wouldn't go there first to get any. I also don't like when people EXPECT me to know things because they "put it on their facebook."

"Oh, you're pregnant?"
"Um, YEAH, didn't you see the sonogram on my facebook?"
"Gosh, no, how insensitive of me to have called you before checking your wall."

But I sure do enjoy the frequent changes it has. It's certainly not like blog's or email. The turn over time for facebook is really quick. It's great. And I like being able to throw things out there to find out new things, like recipes, places to go, hobbies I can adopt. Not to mention being able to stay in touch and up to date with people you don't see very often. Just enough contact with them- but not too much..

I do have a Top Six Things I Hate About Facbook list, though. Kind of an etiquette list, as it were.

1. Post NO MORE THAN three status updates a day. Beyond that and we feel like we are invading your privacy, or are way too involved in your day-to-day activities.

2. Be careful with your vagueness.. it's fun to make people think, but not to make them guess.

3. Don't bring death to facebook. RIP'ing someone on your status grants more disrespect than it does anything else, and again, makes the rest of us feel uncomfortable. Seek sympathy elsewhere.

4. Stop it with the Farmville. It is facebook cocaine.

5. Please don't "heart" things. Unless you are twelve. Otherwise you just look stupid.

6. Do you REALLY have 1,497 friends? Really? Only accept friend requests from people you ACTUALLY care to read about. Not just as a point to add to your popularity list.

Now, I understand I may offend people with this post. But really, I am just trying to give and gain some perspective on the whole thing. So I apologize in advance to those that this post offends, but know that if you are my friend on facebook, we are TRUE friends... cause I'll accept nothing less.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The New Deal

Being that we have been mandated to use Comcast in our little community, our family has settled for the mediocre service and cable provided by them. Our "bundle" which everyone is usually convinced is a better deal- was costing us over $200 a month. With recent changes in our home, and realizations that Jack's best friends are television characters, we decided to go a different way. A smarter way.
After joining Netflix, we hooked our Wii up to the internet and now have streaming videos from Netflix (a concept a lot like OnDemand, but a MUCH better quality and more responsive.) Jack has access to his best friends, but not on a 24/7 stream from Nick Jr, or Sprout. We have fun TV shows to choose from and the chains that tied us to our television have been cut. Granted- our DVR from Comcast certainly helped in that, but this way we don't have a backed up DVR that we feel we MUST watch before clearing.

So for $9 a month, we have become less dependent on the addiction that is television, and we are saving a heap of money. Not to mention the sweet Netflix options. So without cable we are treated to our local channels, and if we were to purchase an antenna, perhaps a few more. But I'm ok with that. I must say- I do miss Playhouse Disney. It was a cheerful way for Jack and I to start our day. TLC and the Food Network will be missed, but the continuation of my life doesn't depend on what is happening there. Thank heavens.

So anyone looking to loosen the binds that TV has on your, or fatten your wallet- give us a call, we'll tell you how your Wii can bring you utter happiness.