Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

So, we will be staying here today and tonight. His electrolytes need to get better. I'm happy staying here because I'm not exactly prepared to go home...and wonder if we'll be coming back.

Jack IS doing well- he's been eating little by little, playing in the playroom, climbing up and down his bed and talking non-stop. So those are all good signs.

Today more than any mother's day I realize WHY there is an actualy day dedicated to mother's. Jack has wanted his mommy throughout this entire process, and his mommy is the best one to give him med's, the best choice to do vitals, and the one he wants to have lie down with him to watch shows. So I know that I am important to him, and I'm happy to be his mom. I'll do just about anything for him. Like, for example.. the first day we got here, Jack threw up in my hands. There was alot of commotion, we were getting him admitted, and putting in his IV and scheduling his chest tube insertion in the PICU, and Josh asked me to go eat something because I was about to pass out. So I piled some carnita's on my plate at the Rainbow Cafe and scooped them up in my hands and started chowing down. It wasn't till the 3rd or 4th bite, that I remembered I had forgotten to wash my hands.

THAT's how much I love him.


Suzi said...

Happy Mothe3r's Day Lisa! I hope you come home tomorrow because there will be a surprise for YOU, The BEST Mom in the entire universe.zIt is coming in the afternoon. I just want you to know how much I admire and love you, probably more in this past month than any other time. Kudos to you!

carter said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lisa. May the rest of your Mothers Days be better than this one. Jack is a lucky (little) man.

Mindi said...

Happy mother's day. Just wanted to know I was tinking of you two today and hoping you'll be home for good very soon.