Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And so we bid a sad and fond Farewell...

The cabin I grew up with has been sold, to a very lucky family. Ever since I can remember "the cabin" has always brewed up excitement inside of me. Whether it be for "Swiss Days" or the 24th of July, my birthday party sleep overs, my GROWN UP birthday parties, a quiet getaway, or just a weekend.... it was always there.
Not to my surprise, the cabin sold quickly and we took the opportunity to go up and snap some shots to hold the image of one of my favorite spots, in my mind, forever. It makes me sad to think that though Jack knows his way around the cabin as well as I do, eventually these memories will fade and he won't recall the many trips he's had there. But luckily, I've done a pretty good job of documenting them. There was a good two weeks where Jack and I lived at the cabin while he was a baby. It was bliss; the quiet, the peace, the immobility of Jack... those were indeed wonderful times.

I remember building huts upstairs with all the foam mattresses.

I remember the smell of the basement when you go to turn the hot water on.

I remember the fun hike to the water tower. Sam and Molly can remember those.. lots of laughs.

I remember the Video Update, where dad would take us to pick out movies.

I remember the Homestead, when they allowed people that weren't guests to swim in their pool.

I remember Timp Freeze, and grasshopper shakes.

I remember the many bowls of trail mix that mom never failed to put together.

I remember all the rodents.... all the many, many rodents.

I remember losing Buddha, and spending hours trying to find him.

I remember Scooter's instincts that switched right on when he'd get there.

I remember the smell of pancakes and bacon, every Memorial Day morning.

I remember waking up to the sun BLAZING through the east windows.

I remember being afraid to go in the basement.

I remember wondering how we fit the whole Durham family up there on Pioneer Day.

What great memories. To those who added to them, keep them and cherish them. Goodbye, dear, old cabin.


I remember driving up Provo canyon, passing bridal veil falls, the dam, the reservoir.

I remember the fish hatchery with Grandma.

I remember the fireworks at Charleston.

I remember buying baseball cards at the Homestead.

I remember WORSHIPING the Memorial Day and Labor Day trips with our family.

I remember picking out a spot upstairs to sleep, and setting up shop for the weekend.

I remember playing blackjack with Dad. "You've got the disease."

I remember shooting his pellet gun off the balcony.

I remember peeking down the stairs after we'd gone to bed, and watching the movies Mom and Dad would watch.

I remember giving the organ a token play.

I remember looking through the old books, photos, and journals, and being proud of my family.


I remember helping make dinners in the small kitchen and making brownies in the cupcake holder (brupcakes)

I remember the nails that protruded out of the giant front porch.

I remember feeding the ducks at the lake I can't remember the name of.

I remember prepping for Memorial Day brunch at the Homestead by not eating anything all morning.

I remember playing hours of ping pong.

I remember scanning the aisles of videos at Video Update and the image of the front cover of "Fire Starter" that I always skipped.

I remember we all had to guess what movie was playing at the local theatre.

I remember stopping for the slow kids at play.

I remember us all guessing the arrival time each time we drove out there.

I remember waiting in the long hot line for the BBQ at Swiss Days.

I remember turning on the heaters in the morning and parking right next to them.

I also remember peeking downstairs and watching the movie.

I remember rearranging the furniture that one time.

I remembered to double flush.

*Blog title credit goes to Miss Locke.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Jack has completed his semester of Karate at The Little Gym. His final day was today, providing him the opportunity to show off all of his moves, tricks and death defiances..

Here, he is doing his Kata-Sonata, his flip off of the beam, and his bar skills. Then they get to jump across a big inflated trampoline whilst doing kicks and punches.

Jack got his Medal, and felt very calm and poised...

Here is is with Mr. Clay, the Karate Master (jack is kind of the teachers pet..) and with me, being Spiderman.. and with Grandpa, lookin tough.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Little Entrepreneur

Lately Jack has gotten very creative with his alone time. He finds great ways to keep himself busy, but most of the things he comes up with inevitably need other participants. The most recent, and current, is his stand of toys that are broken or have missing parts that are for sale. He's written the price of them on the box ($1007) and the "manners" which are to not cry or eat pizza on the ceiling.

After setting everything up, Jack was seeking out potential customers everywhere. The store, school, the missionaries, and the people coming to view our home. No takers.

Today, while I was on my computer Jack came in and said "Mom, you can go to 'jacksbox.com' to see all the stuff you want to buy."

Apparently, he's already reserved a domain for his new company. I took a picture. The shirt he is wearing is a complete coincidence.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fill the Ark...

One year ago today, it was 10:00pm, Jack was still up so we could take Josh to the airport for his business trip to New York when we saw a light in our back yard. A police officer had a worried look on his face and told me they were having "water problems." He suggested I remove anything important from our basement. Just then a fast gush of water came from under the fence and headed for our home. I grabbed Josh and ran downstairs to start taking things up from the basement. By the time he got our tv off the wall and upstairs, water was halfway up the window-well. After our second trip upstairs, we heard a CRASH and discovered the window had broken to the pressure. The water was freezing, brown, smelly and there was broken glass all over as we trudged through water to save everything.

Today, after a warm up, we keep a close eye on the river..