Saturday, February 28, 2009


The first Legoland was built in Denmark in 1968.

Now that the educational part is over, let's talk about how GREAT Legoland is for wee little kids such as Jack. They have many wonderful toddler rides that go up and down, and side to side, sometimes spinning while doing either of those; it isn't good for motion-sick people.

My personal toddler attraction of choice, was the Driving school, where our children ages 3-6 got to operate and drive their own vehicle, by themselves, in attempt to drive in a looped track and get their "drivers license." It goes as follows.

Kid and parent go through the gate and choose a car.

Kid gets buckled in car, parent leaves to stand behind gate.

Attendant pushes button that makes gas pedals work.

12 cars start swirving around and 60% of them immediately hit something (be it the wall, another car, or attendant.)

ONE attendant goes from stuck car, to stuck car, freeing the vehicle.

3 seconds laters all cars that were once free, are stuck again, and await the attendant.

Parents sit behind gate and laugh.

Attendant continues her way around the loop, freeing stuck vehicles and avoiding the "good" drivers. (All the 6 year olds.)

Attendant pushes a big button, everyone stops, and we all clap as she passes out each drivers license to the undeserving drivers.

MAN. It was funny. But Jack thouroughly enjoyed each ride. He did a really good job waiting in line (though there weren't ever any really long lines..)
I highly suggest paying a visit.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Universal Studios is about 2 minutes away from us, and we have yearly passes, so we couldn't exactly come here without hitting this place. Jack got to see his favorite friends, Dora and Deigo. You could tell he was really confused as to why they were so BIG. Josh got to chill with Matt, who also seemed bigger that he was supposed to be. And I hung out with the British soldier. Also big. But just because I'm small.

But the ultimate climax of the day was this ridiculous BALL WORLD in the Curious George section, that was a multi-level, netted recreational area full of foam balls that could be shot out of canons, guns, vacuums, and Jack's ball machine of preference, the EXPLODER. You fill the base with balls, then push the button, and balls explode out of the top.
It's genius.

We spent most our time in there.

Money well spent.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fast Times at Sunny Cove

Currently, we are residing at what Jack likes to call "The California House" which is located just above Studio City, in the Hollywood Hills. It is a darling little house, and since we've been here we have done a few fun things. One, was the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It was particularly nice because we had just visited the super duper wimpy one Salt Lake, on 106th and State. With its trout. So this one seemed magical.
Anyway, we had alot of fun. Jack enjoyed being able to touch slimey and spiney things, and I rather liked taking pictures. Here are some from the bunch:

I hope you like them. I do. It's so nice to take pictures at an Aquarium without the big FLASH REFLECTION in each one.
Stay tuned...for more CA stuff.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

America is stupid.

Contradictory to what my title says, I don't think our country is stupid, it is the Americans that I believe are lacking in education. Last night I watched Boston Legal where a young girl traveled abroad to England for a year of school, and when she returned she was appalled at how pathetic America's education system is and how she is feeling cheated by the lack of skilled educators and the public schools low standards of achievement.

On the show, she stated that 69% of the US students couldn't point England out on a map, let alone identify the names of each state in their OWN country.

So I got online and printed this map:

I gave one to Josh, and kept one for myself. We each took a crack at identifying all 50 (yes, not the 51 we have now) states and let me just say, I feel like a idiot. Honestly, there was one state that I didn't even know existed, not by name but by shape. Lucky for me, I know all fifty states by name, and can tell you them in alphabetical order due to the obnoxious song they taught us in grade school. But really, I am so glad to know that, because it feels good to say I can name them all. However, I haven't the slightest clue where they are. Minnesota? Indiana? Seriously if you asked me an hour ago....I wouldn't have a clue. Luckily, Josh and I are going to study a country each week. We are going to be able to locate it on a globe, tell you what is around it, and perhaps even the capital. We don't want Jack to be sitting doing his homework, and say "Mom? What state is Washington DC in?" and sit there like- "Holy crap, I don't know."

Cause soon he'll be in international geography and we'll look like imbecile's.

So I challenge you, and whoever else you what to do this with, to print this map (USA, with Hawaii and Alaska) and see how many of our states you can locate.

(It just occured to me that I may be a total moron, and everyone who reads this will know all the states..but I still think America needs to be smarter, and I hope everyone feels the same way. Especially for our kids)

If you want some help- you can use this check list:

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virgina

(yes, I sung the song in my head, and did it by memory.)