Monday, May 11, 2009


Here we are, again, being discharged. Jack's x-ray looked "perfect" and his blood draw (though the actualy draw was AWFUL) looked good. A little dip in his potassium, so we are going back on Aldactone. So, there's that, lasix, enalapril, diuril and aspirin. Alot of stuff for a 20 lb boy. (That's right, he's lost about 6 lbs.) Good thing- he's only going home on .25 litres of O2, last time it was a whole litre. So that is a good sign.

So if you pray, pray for no more fluid to return, and for Jack's body to accept what has happened to it and not reject it.

Jack's chompin' on Cheeto's right now, so we're off to a good start. He was a little moody, and threw his blanket at his surgeon, the very man who's saved his life.... but I'd be moody if I'd been here as long as him, being poked and prodded as much as he has. I'm sure Kouretas will understand.

Stay tuned. Please let this be it. PLEASE.


Sharp's Flat said...

Good luck guys. You deserve a break. When Jack is ready, have him come and visit his fans at the shop. Friday is the day that most everyone is here. They continue to ask about him so everyone is pretty much up to date. Let me know if there is anything we can do. Love you all!

Grandma Ann said...

Oh I hope that today is the day for Jack to go home. You both need some normalcy back in your lives.
I know that our normal is different but we have come to realize that it will always be that way.
Grandma Ann (Alexander Stewart-HLHS-Transplant-2008)

Kelly D. said...

Yay! I'm praying this is your last discharge :) Good luck!

Kimmie said...

Here's to NO comin' back!!! You can do it little Jack.

Wright Family said...

Here's to hoping you are all done with the hospital! Glad Jack is feeling better :)

Jen Wright

summer said...

So sorry you were back at Primary's and even for Mother's Day! Hope he can stay home now! He is so darling.

"Mason's Mommy"

Kyle and Alli said...

I miss you guys already. I was so sad that i didn't get to say goodbye again. Go figure Grant was being a pill at that time. May you stay away for GOOD this time! And then we can go for play dates and jointly sterilize everything in sight and not feel stupid. And we can try to eat carnitas again...but wash our hands! You are a great MOM!!!! :-)