Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I don't have a garden- nor would I be able to manage one. But in the spirit of Spring, I decided to buy some flowers and decorate my porch with them. I hope to keep each of them alive and thriving, but history proves that plants don't like me to mess with them. In fact they'd be better off alone. The plant I pay the least attention to in my house, is the oldest plant I have. It's almost 2 years old. That is a record for me.

These flowers came with minimal instruction, it is just the delicate balance between sunlight and water. So by fall, I'll let you know if there is a lustrous, lush, plume of flowers enveloping my deck, or if there are three empty pots sitting on my porch.

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Grandma Ann said...

You are way ahead of me. I got three plants for mother's day and they are still sitting on the porch, not planted, almost dead. I have revived them two or three times with water.
Good luck with yours,
Grandma Ann (Alex Stewart-HLHS0Transplant-2008)