Thursday, December 30, 2010


I hesitate using the word "resolution" in this matter; I have nothing to resolve, nor am I making any formal declaration of my intentions. I do however wish to make good effort to do or NOT do the items on this list. I enjoy grouping things into measurements of time, so the beginning of a new year seems appropriate for me to make these changes and stick to them knowing I could honestly tell myself that "I have done that since the start of the year."

Number ONE.

Call back anyone who texts me. For those of you who don't know, I hate texting. Not because it is a hassle, and DANGEROUS at times, but because I think it is completely diminishing the human interaction in this world, and ruining social behavior. (This obviously comes with some exceptions..)
- if someone is asking me a one-text question. ie, "What is so-and-so's phone number?"
- if I KNOW the person is in a place where they cannot talk on the phone.
- or if it is a joke that I don't need to respond to.

Number TWO.

Always order LESS than I think I want to eat at restaurants. Most likely, order an appetizer or split an entree. I'm tired of leaving paid for food on the plate and walking away. (and I don't do well with leftovers.) I don't need to eat that much OR PAY that much for that matter. Restaurants are wasting so much food. I wish we could pay by the weight of the food we eat.

Number THREE.

Make an effort to be considerate to strangers. Give people the benefit of the doubt and don't assume everyone is an idiot. I would wish that people would do the same for me when I make mistakes out in the world, like not gunning it immediately when the light turns green...
Perhaps I should add "use my car horn less..." but that can just be a sub-resolution.

I encourage people to not set out-of-reach goals for themselves in 2011. It's truly the small things that count and if we all try to make a SMALL effort to be better people, I think the small efforts could result in big change.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2011 be a cleansing year of growth and discovery..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Reason I Let Jack Have Popcorn for Dinner.

Because this was five years ago right now...

So he can have whatever he wants.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's a Mario World..

Today is Jack's 5th birthday. It was a WONDERFUL day, from start to finish. Jack and Josh went on a special outing to the Discovery Museum, where Josh tells me, Jack was on his best behavior. He also got calls from family and loved ones that are far away- thank you for your love! Meanwhile, I was whipping up a batch of birthday party back home.
Jack had a Mario birthday this year, though he was probably the only one who was familiar with phenomenon, but the other kids seemed to enjoy it nonetheless. First, all of Jack's friends played a game of Gigantic Mario Memory. Everyone did really well, taking turns and staying in tune with the game.
I made a the giant "Memory" game with foam paper, and printed out multiple characters from Mario World (2 of each, obviously) and the kids had to make matches.
(Jack, being Bowser..)

Afterwards, Jack opened his presents from the generous families that attended, and then we ate cake, Firepower cookies, and Star Power cookies. It was a great time. Jack had so much fun and it was so nice to have the adults be outnumbered by the children. (Barely..)
(It's hard to top the "Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes" of 2008..)

Each of the little ones got to take home their own Mario Star. Something Jack has a true love for..
Jack obviously has special place in this family, and on this earth. He is a living miracle and we are reminded every day. I love him more that anything and I'm so glad to be here, at this place, with a healthy five year old little boy.

Happy Birthday, Jack! Love.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And The Beat Goes On..

Yesterday was our first cardiology appointment since Jack's "mini pleural effusion" in February. This appointment was a tell-all for the next LONG period of time.. so we were interested to see what news all the tests brought. Dr. Su said he looked, sounded, and felt fine. He brought up the subject of decreasing Jack's Lasix dosage to which all 3 of us said "Nah- let's just keep him on it...."

His EKG reading was excellent, no abnormalities, not to mention Jack was VERY cooperative, didn't struggle, fight or cry once. He went right along with each test, and seemed just as interested in the results as we were. His O2 levels read (at what I think is the highest he's ever had at a check-up appointment w/o supplemental oxygen) at 93. This is huge.

His x-ray's were beautiful, clear and showed how much he is growing. Even the radiologist expressed that it was nice to see him healthy, and nice to see us getting x-ray's in the afternoon, and not at 6:30am (which is an indicator that you are admitted to the hospital.)

Jack's chest is a flurry of debris.. So below this picture, I included the "key" to identify the foreign objects seen via x-ray. There are other strange things in there that the normal person won't be able to see, like the Gore-Tex tubes that are providing passageway to and from his heart, the complete lack of an entire ventricle, and other things us "non-medical students" won' t be able to view.

Needless to say, we are THRILLED with the results, Jack is doing so well, he is happy, eating a lot, active, smart, loveable, horrible, crazy, hilarious and all the other things you'd hope a soon-to-be 5 year old to be. The next post will most likely be his birthday... coming on FRIDAY! (I have a 5 year old????)
A BUFF one.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Weekend

My weekend was full of projects. Some are documented, and others are not- due to gift spoilers. One memorable activity we took part in this weekend was the Primary Nativity. For some reason Jack was EXTREMELY shy, and was turned off of the idea of dressing up like a horse. Despite all my efforts and attempts to connect him to the Charlie Brown Christmas Special when they do THEIR christmas play... I could not succeed and Jack just watched with the rest of the adults. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful production.

After the Nativity, we had a Judean feast. It was delicious. Jack also got to spend some quality time with his church buddy, Quinton. They get along GREAT and spent the whole time running around together. Sadly, we have to tear them apart to go find a Christmas Tree.

90% of our Christmas decorations were swept away with the flood this summer, so I had to reinvent our Christmas tree. We did our best. I must say, that we did get it for quite a bargain, it fit perfectly in it's brand new stand, and was just right in its expected corner of our family room. The colors are interesting... and it gives off a
whole new glow. But I like it.

Then, to humor Jack and hopefully fulfill his own inner-child needs, Josh went outside and helped Jack build a snowman. It was a really great one... I don't have a picture of the finished product, so you'll have to take my word for it. But luckily the whole neighborhood gets to enjoy him, being that he is in the community part of the yard. Jack was upset that there wasn't a mommy snowman, and a daddy snowman. But I know that if we continued in that fashion, there would end up being a snow-Dominic and a snow-Lucy, and perhaps a snow-peedie.

That evening, Josh whipped up a tasty batch of homemade Peppermint Hot Chocolate. It is very delicious and if you'd like the recipe.. I'll give it to you. But obviously it looks appetizing, you can imagine how yummy it is going down.
After that we all curled up to watch Toy Story 3 and prove to Jack, that it ISN'T scary, and that he would really like it the second time around. We were right, (thank heavens.)

Then I needed to get down and dirty with the pears and raspberries and make my neighbors gifts, Pear-Raspberry Jam. It turned out perfect and I may just keep it all for myself... we'll see..

Starting the Holiday Season off right, here's to a wonderful and productive weekend.