Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy News, Happy Jack

So we went on up to Primary's for Jack's labs today, and we decided to visit Alli, Kyle and Grant FIRST- as poking Jack with a needle and squeezing out his blood tends to make him want to get OUT of the hospital....So we revisited the PICU and got some encouraging news about Grant and his improved heart function. We saw a few of the nurses that helped us out while we were in there and then we got Jack's blood drawn. He did a really good job. The levels came back good, No more potassium issues. We are dropping the doses on the other two med's he is on, and he will be staying on O2 for sure until our visit to Dr. Su on May 18th.

So because of our unbelievable gratitude and joy for Jack's return to home, he has been somewhat spoiled... but you can't help it when you imagine where he was three weeks ago and you see his hands and feet looking like pin cushions. So Josh got Jack his first car- he has wanted one for awhile. He usually picks the pink one... ... but this one was RED like Lightning McQueen. Jack was THRILLED to take it outside, and other than his inability to steer correctly, he is a really good driver. Please take note of his obvious rapture in this first picture..


Kyle and Alli said...

CUTE!!! I love his face in the first picture! Such joy! Watch out world... that little guy and a car... I think I better stay inside! Glad to hear you got to skip his potassium too...progress is good!

Laura Lee said...

He looks so big. Like he's aged a ton since the surgery. Maybe he's just wiser with his experience.

I can't believe how fast they bounce back after surgery, although I'm sure it's seemed like an eternity for you who is with him 24/7

Lisa Marie Trent said...

He has had a few years added to his appearance. Stressful things can age a person. He hasn't totally bounced back yet- that O2 line isn't long enough for that kind of bouncing. But we are well on our way.

The Curtis Family said...

You guys have given us such hope for Ethan's Fontan this fall. What an amazing little guy you have. Thanks for letting us follow along. It really does help to "know" people who have been through it. Thank you. Take care!

---Allison (Ethan's mom, HLHS)

Mindi said...

It's so good to see him so happy! I cannot tell you what hope he offers our little McKay. As far as spoiling them goes, the surgical NP heard me whisper to my three-month old, post-Glenn baby that he could have whatever he wants and has not let me live it down. And you know what, I still feel that way. They deserve to be spoiled!

Much love to you and your darling Jack!

Mindi and McKay (DILV)

Lori J said...

Lisa, it's so good to hear Jacks labs are getting better. What a relief it is when you go home with like 10 meds then next visit, less and less, Yeah!!!!!! Hope he continues to get healthier and happier, and no more O2. After 5 1/2 months post fontan, Hayden is only on lasix, 1/2 baby asprin and norvasc, so believe me it gets better, there is finally an end in sight. Good luck and take care~ Lori