Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm Thankful for Food..

Probably one of my top five favorite things about the holidays is the food. Trying new things, preparing new things, tasting the old traditional ones. It's just lovely. There are a number of foods that are a must during the holiday's. Shrimp cocktail, always makes an appearance. My mom's ROLLS. She doesn't seem to take as much credit as she should for them. Fernwood's mint sandwiches.. divinity. This year I woke up and decided that these muffins* will be Thanksgiving morning's tradition. They are so easy to make, fast, and melt in your mouth.

Truly, I will make these a lot. Which may deter from the "specialness" of it. But I don't care. Thanksgiving morning, the parade, muffin's, it all works together to make for a wonderful tradition.

A new staple to my list of what to make when people ask me to to bring an hors devours, is this amazing sesame bake. It doesn't look like much, but once cracked open I constantly have people asking me where I got this "rare and delectable cheese." It is a block of philadelphia soaked in soy sauce, rolled in toasted sesame seeds and baked. Incredible.
This dip, which sports the magical colors of Christmas, came to me via a dear friend that more and more we find we are much more domestic than we believed. It is pretty delicious. The tart sweetness that comes from the pomegranate soothes the quiet flavor of the avocado. And the cayenne pepper and corriander gives it a nice kick.

Dinner was spectacular- don't get me wrong. I love my potatoes and gravy. But I sure do love finding new things to bring to the table.

*These recipes are becoming my most favorite to add to my collection. This blogger has the same delightful taste in food as I do, and I am always excited to see what she posts next. Her link is to the left, "Baked Deliciousness"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cell Phone Etiquette 101

I'm all for cell phones. I've had one since I was 17. It comes in very handy. I honestly don't know how we picked people up from the airport before cellphones. However, with these technological blessings have come many, many pains. Although cell phones went from an adult to a teenage necessity, I think we need to start at the other end and hold classes in school about the proper way to own, and use a cell phone.

1. Places that a cell phone should be neither seen nor heard: Church, school classrooms, movie theater's, on date's, and the dinner table. It is just unacceptable, rude and completely unnecessary.

2. While driving, keep cell phone conversations under a minute. Not only is it unsafe, and becoming against the law in more and more states, but it's annoying to the other people in the car, and frankly I hate driving by people going 75 mph to see that they aren't 100% focused on their driving.

3. When in public places in close confinement, (ie: grocery lines, bathrooms, airport terminals etc.) keep your voice down. No one likes a loud, obnoxious talker gabbing away while we are all stuck in the same place and can't walk away from you.

4. Remember there is always someone listening. Keep private issues for private conversations. Everyone else doesn't need to hear you chew out your significant other, or how bloated you felt this morning, or how much you hate your co-worker.

5. Again, do not answer your phone on a date. It just shows that you aren't interested and they'll pick up on that quickly. Your attention should be on them, and not what ELSE is going on.

6. Do not text unless it is something that can be exchanged in 4 texts. Example:
"Hey, sorry I'm late. I'll be there in 5 minutes."
"No problem, where are you?"
"Just getting off the freeway."
"K, see you soon."

"Hey how are you?"
"Good how are you?"
"I'm alright, just hangin."
"Wanna do something?"
"Sure. Like what?"
"Me neither."
(this continues on for another five minutes...)
That is why you bought a cell phone in the first place. To be able to talk to people from anywhere at anytime. It's really irritating to see people clicking away on their phones forever. Especially at meals, during conversations, or in any of the places mentioned in #1.

7. Don't play games on your phone in social settings. It just tells everyone around you that they are boring you and you'd rather be somewhere else.

8. Always hang up on conversations when approaching or speaking to someone that is helping/serving you, ie: waitresses, bankers, grocery store clerks. You need to be available to them for the service you came to THEM to provide.

I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting. But I feel like cell phone's are rapidly decreasing the quality of human interaction. I hear about break-ups over texts, and people getting in car accidents due to people on cellphones, so much more texting rather than actual conversing, and it makes me sad. We DID manage... before cell phones.

Anyway. Again, I am a fan, but let's do it right.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can someone explain this to me?

I seriously hate having to sit at a stoplight, and stare at this.

Not only is it completely humiliating for whoever is driving the car, but it is totally unsafe. I couldn't even decipher between human driver head and stuffed animal. My eyes were having difficulty absorbing the amount of polyester fur and glass eyes staring lifelessly at me.

It's not like there is a surplus of these "collectors" out there. I only see one of these vehicles per week or maybe per month. But each time I see it I sit and think to myself, "did they put them all in at once? Or was it a gradual pyramid.. do they each represent something? Do they ALL belong to the driver? Or the driver's child? If they are the child's, then wouldn't they rather play with them than have them paraded around like trophies in their parents' car?"

It's absolutely insane that I've spent this much thought on this stupid phenomenon. Let alone taken the time to write a post about it.

I don't know. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this is weird..