Friday, May 8, 2009

another day.

Jack still hasn't pooped. He isn't eating much. After his med's today he ate a little breakfast then threw it all up. I'm hoping SOME of the med's stayed down. His potassium levels are good- so luckily we don't have to deal with the "K" drama of yesterday. We tried mixing up that awful medicine with coke, peanut butter- nothing worked. Luckily his levels are ok enough with the new bloodporessure medication. His sats are kind of low today and they upped his O2 to .5 litres again.

Today is mainly about getting everything inside of him working so he feels functional again.

I'll post again later. Today marks a month since his surgery date. Who knew...we'd still be here.


Sharp's Flat said...

Hang in there guys! We love you all and wish you were home, happy, and healthy!!!

Suzi said...

Getting his tummy settled is quite the so hard...we just keep hoping and praying, like everyone else, that things will get better and you and Jack can go home for GOOD! That's what we are praying for....jack, come play when you are feeling better. We love you.