Friday, June 1, 2012

Entering the surreal moments of life..

Jack finished Kindergarten. I remember my last day of kindergarten, we got to take home a brand new box of crayons and I felt very special. We also made hand prints in clay, that we gave to our parents. It is quite strange to think that I can remember times that Jack is surpassing. He is sad to leave school- he loves it so much and didn't want it to end. But I have a feeling he will feel the same way about summer when it is over.
Jack's first day of kindergarten was great- he was excited and we were THRILLED, proud parents of a brand new student.

His last day was just as great, we gave the teachers something to remember us by and gave them our thanks. I thought it interesting that Miss Shelley wore the same outfit on the first day of school that she wore on the last day of ritualistic. Jack came home with LOTS of things, journals and science notes and crayons and markers. They even put together a packet of events throughout the year that the kids drew pictures for, complete with photos of our children in class. Amazing. I love this school, and I'm very appreciative of Canyon Rim Academy and all their staff. Here's to FIRST GRADE!