Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sad News, Sad Jack

I could type it all out, but you could just read the old post and get the same idea. Jack has another pleural effusion. Same side. Same symptoms. Last night he was breathing short and his face was puffy. He put on a happy face because he knows if he tells us he hurts or is sick we take him up here. So this morning we got an x-ray, and I stuck back by the image read-out so I could sneak a look before the Dr.s saw it, and it was quite obvious he has another massive effusion. As soon as Jack realized we were at the hospital to fix him- he started telling us his tummy hurt, and was throwing up and acting more restless.

We are currently on the Surgical floor awaiting his procedure to put in another chest tube. It's heart breaking to watch him relive this nightmare over and over.

I'll post again after we visit the PICU.


Christina said...

Poor Jack! I am so sorry this came back. Hopefully they can get things taken care of quickly.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

the dudette said...

Oh poop.

cici said...

Get better quick Jack!

rudysbeat said...

Hang in there, Jack! Our Rudy (HLHS) hasn't covered as much ground as you, but he knows all about pleural effusions as he battled them for 19 weeks after the Norwood.

Peace to your mom and dad! Praying for you from the ICU at UCLA.

Rolf and Trish

Suzi said...

little jack...we love you...we will pray for you tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night and on and on...we will pray hard that you will be able to come home soon...this is just no fun at all...but you are strong and brave and such a good boy...we love you...

Gavin's Mama said...

I hate pleural effusions. Gavin and Jack need to kick them in the booty! So, so sorry... praying for Jack to get better and for the fluid to go away and stay away!!!