Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brand, spanking new Chest Tube.

This is the image I saw first thing, this morning. Maybe it's not as devastating to you- but to me it says "Another week at the hospital with poking and prodding and medicating and crappy sleeping and issues with pooing and sad unhappy steps backward."

It's not even funny- but I could probably do this procedure myself. All I need at home is a pusle oximeter, a chest x-ray machine, and a chest tube kit. Then, access to drugs- like ketamine, morphine, and versed. Annie put in Jack's chest tube under the supervision of Bonnie. She did a great job- I say that because it's been 4 hours and 600+ that has come out. So, I believe that quick discharge is due to her tube placement.

Jack is doing as well as a kid that is BACK in the hospital for the third time, with a third chest tube can be. His sats are really good. Upper 80's, as opposed to the low 70's they were this morning. I've seen both x-ray's and they have greatly improved since the chest tube was put in.

Everyone's questions are the same: Why does this keep happening?

Well- there isn't an exact answer, excpet that pleural effusions or common, but having them over and over again definitely draws attention and they want to find out why it is reoccuring. The cardiologist says he can't make any assumptions until he sees an echo, which we should get tomorrow. The surgeon doesn't believe it's chylo and thinks it has nothing to do with his diet, but thinks that he may have to have a cath to close the fenestration (which is supposed to prevent pleural effusions...) So there are alot of theories and opinions floating around and it is way to soon to give anyone (including us) information on "what we are going to do about this."

Just know, that the fluid is being drained. Jack can breath better. He's not too comfy with a chest tube in, and says his tummy hurts... but he doesn't have 680cc's of fluid invading his right lung's space.


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Aimee Hardy said...

Poor, poor Jack. That is some serious fluid he keeps building up. I hope the doctors are able to figure it out so he go home for good. At least Grant's still there so you've both got buddies to keep you company. Hang in there.

Mindi said...

I am so, so sad for Jack, and so, so sad for you tonight. He looked so great driving his new car! I thought you were in the clear for sure. We're sending prayers and hope and all things plueral effusionless your way.

BTW--Bonnie was the NP who heard me promise McKay anything he wants. She is an angel. I know they will figure this out for Jack.

Mindi and McKay

Kyle and Alli said...

Such a bummer. Truly. Hopefully they figure out why the repeat problems soon! One of these days, we won't be here if you have to come back! Can't wait for Jack to order my lunch day!