Friday, June 26, 2009

..and the saga continues.

This morning Jack's x-ray looked the same. That is perplexing because we have had fluid output from his tube, and they upped the diuretic's. So they're concern was that it wasn't fluid- and it was possibly his diaphragm. So we did an ultrasound, but due to his incision bandages they couldn't get to it. So we went to fluroscopy and they took a picture of him breathing to see if the diaphragm was expanding and retracting. It was very obvious when we saw it that the right side wasn't working.

Now what? Everyone asks. I think that is what is going on downstairs with the Doc's. When I asked Bonnie straight up what to do if it isn't working- she said surgery.

So I don't know if there are any steps to try before that, or if it is something inevitable to help fix the diaphragm. But right now we have no answers for anyone- including ourselves. Hopefully we'll talk to someone soon.

On a lighter note- Jack seems comfortable. He is playing with his tools, ate some egg beaters for breakfast, and his spirits are good.


Kelly D. said...

Oh dear. We'll keep praying for both Jack (for comfort) and his doctors (that they can figure this out and fix it). And of course, for you and Josh. Good luck!

The Simmons Family said...

BUMMER... seriously... a break is coming soon.. it has to!! I am so sorry and I will be Praying that surgery is NOT in the cards. If it is, let jsut pray they can get it over with soon and get Mr. Trent Jackson (Ha, I still get a kick out of that) home soon.

Christina said...

You guys have had a crazy time this go round. We will keep praying and sending good thoughts your way.

Saturday is the IHH picnic there on the 3rd floor at 4pm if you guys are up to coming!

Hugs & Prayers,

The Smith's said...

Hi Lisa- I've followed your blog for a few weeks, but have yet to comment. I saw today's post and had to leave a message! After our son, Luke's, Glenn & DKS, he was having problems keeping his sats where they should be without oxygen. The docs did a diaphragm ultrasound and saw that Luke's right diaphragm was paradoxical. It had been paralyzed (whether permanently or temporarily we don't know) in one of his open heart surgeries and was now working in opposition to his lungs. So instead of expanding when it was supposed to, it was contracting & vice versa.

In our case, the surgery was called a diaphragm plication, which basically means they stitch down the paradoxical diaphragm so it can't work against the lung. It was definitely not in the same league as open heart surgery, but I know how you feel when contemplating another possible surgery. Yuck! Luke was extubated even before he left the O.R. and we only stayed in the PICU for 24 hours after that surgery.

I'm sure the docs have already given you much better information, but thought I'd share in case you were still wondering what the procedure was!

Take care and God bless!

Jesse, Mom to Luke (2), DILV