Thursday, June 25, 2009

Discouraging news..

Jack's x-ray didn't look good this morning. He is still accumulating fluid despite the chest tube draining, the diuretics and the fat free diet. I sort of panicked a little feeling like the last resort has failed us. But an NP assured me that they have "plans" they just don't address then until they get to them.

We upped Jack's diuretic's and hope that he will dry out. They are thinking of pulling the cath that he is getting medication through because though it helps him numb up in there- it could be causing some of the irritation going on in there.

Because we are still in the speculation phase of this news, I don't have much to say. So we'll just have to keep waiting to see what happens.


rudysbeat said...

I think I commented before, but just wanted to tell you I'm following Jack's journey with great interest as our Rudy dealt with a monster case of chylothorax after the Norwood. Did the fat-free diet and the meds. The duct ligation didn't work so they resorted to pleurodesis which addressed it, but I'm so sorry that you have to go through the whole waiting for fluid to stop.

I'm so glad that you have confidence in your surgeon in the midst of it as that's such a comfort. I'm glad he has the right touch even if not everyone gets Jack's name right (arrrrgh--it's even worse when they start referring my son as "she").

We'll keep checking and praying. Hang in there!


leandparkermakes3 said...


I don't know what else to say, except that we are thinking about you everyday and praying for you guys. Just know there are a lot of us out here thinking about you!

Gavin's Mama said...

I am sorry I am just now commenting... I caught up on what is going on with Jack... I AM SO SORRY!! He is in our thoughts and prayers daily!!!

Mindi said...

Prayers. Prayers and fluidless thoughts. Then more prayers.


Kyle and Alli said...

Ugh. That stinks. I am going to cross my fingers and toes that pulling the cath does the trick. You guys have been through this too many times to see fluid on X rays again. Hang in there!

Katie said..., I've missed all of this! I am just getting caught up, and I'm so sorry Jack had to have ANOTHER surgery and you all are living hospital life again.Keeping him in my prayers for clear x-rays!

Sharp's Flat said...

Gads!!!! Lis, you must be sooooo tired, emotionally and physically. What can we do to help? Liz and the boys are just landing right now and will want to see you guys. let me know if that would help or hurt. I'll keep checking the blog though for updates. Call me when you want to just plain gripe. You deserve it. Give josh a hug for me too.

Jergs Family said...

Hang in there. And may I just say how grateful I am that you update us almost daily on Jack. It helps to know what is going on. We love you guys and are praying for you too. Talk to you soon.