Friday, June 26, 2009


I just found out it was Friday.

So the surgeon on the floor today, Dr. Birch, called Kouretas and Kouretas said he'd like to wait before anyone goes cutting into Jack for a couple of reasons. One, because Jack is so close from just having surgery, and two, to see if perhaps it can fix itself. (how? I'm not sure, but I would imagine as Jack heals and gains back strength perhaps his right lung could start to fully expand and push the diaphragm back down??? I don't know. I'm no doctor, but I probably could be.)

So once again, it's the waiting game. We'll hang out here all weekend. Intermountain Healing Hearts, a support group we are part of, will be having a picnic here tomorrow. So it will be nice to see some people and put faces to comments..

They said that if Jack's chest tube dries up a bit more we can get it taken out tomorrow, which would be nice because he's be more comfortable and more mobile.

I want to say thank you to those commenting that have had similar problems related to chylothorax and the diaphragm issue. It is VERY nice to hear similar stories so we don't feel like we have extended ourselve so far out on the "it's not very common" branch. I appreciate those that are sharing their experiences.

Perhaps if we have a nice, quiet, uneventful weekend, I can get some pictures up and make this blog more colorful!


Wright Family said...

I really hope this clears itself up and that Jack will not have to have another surgery! Poor baby! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Take care of that sweet son of yours. I hope you guys are home soon. Jen Wright

Lindz said...

We are thinking about you & your little man!

acrspeech said...

I sure love you Lisa. I hope you got my voice mail message. You are an amazing Mom Lis. I am praying for all of you. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the picnic. We love you I have 40,000+ bees praying for you all too :)

Kyle and Alli said...

Hhhmm.... hopefully this means that you guys can take it easy over the weekend knowing that Koeretas (sp??) will be back and can address it. So if you find out the the paralysis is from something in surgery, does that mean you get the next procedure free? I would ask. Seriously. After Grant was opened for the 4th time in a week, I teased our surgeon about whether we could be on the "Buy 2 get 2 Free" plan and he said in all seriousness to bring the bill back to the hospital and not to pay it. Worth a try? ;) I know it is not easy to hang out in your prime real estate (at least it is a good view right?) all weekend anticipating the what if's. Try to relax and enjoy watching Gabbas ok? (eat some Pizza for us!)