Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wishes will come true.

I thought now would be an appropriate time to tell everyone that Jack will be granted a "wish" by the Make A Wish Foundation. Stars seem to have aligned, and something in the cosmos felt Jack should get a wish. Many things happened simultaneously that led Make A Wish to decide the Jack having Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and overcoming many obstacles in the first few years of his life is deserving of something special.
Now, the first thing on everyones mind is "What will he wish for?" Well of course we understand that Jack is unable to create a stellar wish that will fulfill his dreams, and the decision lies in his parents hands. We are a little overwhelmed with such an important task, but we plan to dedicate some serious thinking-time to this once in a lifetime opportunity. If you ask Jack right now, "If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be?" he has two answers that he alternates. One, is "Stars" because he obviously associates wishing with stars, and two, is "California" because he is apparently inlove with the coast.
In the short time we've had to think about this, we have had a few ideas. One, would be to meet his favorite Nick Jr. friends from Gabbaland- Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Tootie, and Plex. And I guess, if we HAVE to, DJ Lance Rock. But in the process of meeting them, Jack will discover that they are HUGE, and don't speak- because they have voiceovers. So that idea is somewhat tainted with the potential for disappointment.
(I'm sure that many of you have seen or heard Jack's performances from "Yo Gabba Gabba", including "Decorate the Christmas Tree", "Don't Stop, Don't Give Up", his reenactment of Jack Black's Performance on the show, and his daily routine of singing the "Name Song" when we take each of his med's, that he has named after Gabba characters.)
Another thought is Lightning McQueen from CARS. Jack has this movie memorized and loves any red vehicle. We thought that it would be thrilling and surreal if he could go to a racetrack, see the race cars up close and feel the intense speed for REAL. However, it is frighteningly loud down there, and it could plain scare him to death- and perhaps crush his love for automobiles making every car ride a nightmare for us from then on.
(Now, each time the sun shines too brightly in Jack's eyes, he yells "Ca-Chow Mom! Ca-Chow!" the way Lightning McQueen says "Ca-chow" when he reflects the sun from his mirrors into others' eyes.)

One of Jack's hero's is Buzz Lightyear. We could ask for unlimited rides on the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disneyland. But with careful planning and perfect timing, you can do that on a Tuesday afternoon in the offseasons at you leisure. So we feel we should try and achieve a wish that isn't available to everyone, to help Jack understand it is something rare and special. Like him.
(Jack has perfected the dialogue between Buzz Lightyear and his arch nemesis, Zurg. He can do it with, or without props.)

I am up for any suggestions, I would love to hear everyone's ideas. We are so grateful for this chance to give Jack something that he can look back on and realize that he reall is lucky, and he DID survive a life threatening condition that has made him stronger, as well as all of us that endured this with him.

Please let me know- if you all have some creative ideas. We would love to run tham by Jack. And thank you- to Leslie, and to the Make A Wish Foundation, who are contributing their time to help Jack become a "wish kid."

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The Simmons Family said...

Awesome and well deserved!! I have thought about this for Owen... obviously in the future.. and heard of other's wishes.

My 2 cents... I'd say Hawaii if he enjoys the water, hiking and snorkling. I'd say a playhouse or backyard set if he enjoys adventures in the backyard. I'd stay clear of characters in costume, YES, you have the change of utter failure. Oh, or maybe a trip to Yellowstone if he likes bears, camping and the great outdoors.

Good luck with the wish and I can't wait to hear updates!!

PS.. sorry he's back in the hospital..blah. We hate chylo.