Thursday, June 4, 2009

Popple? Wait no-it's Dominic.

For four years now, Dominic has been getting furrier and furrier. It is cute, and fun- but also very high maintenance. And being that our "maine coon" is very active in the WILD, and tends to leave our house for days doing who knows what, who knows where- getting all sorts of weeds, and burrs, and other foreign objects STUCK in his fur, we chose this year to have him shaved. This is kind of a big deal, because Dom is quite the ball of hair. See here:

I knew what to expect, because our cat "Scooter" has had this done- many times. They informed me they'd be doing a "lion cut" which would look GREAT on Dominic, as he has a mane, and already resembles a lion....with stripes. So $120 later- here is what I picked up from the vet:

Now, typically, they don't shave the WHOLE tail off.... but I suppose Dominic was a mess and they chose to buzz him down to the little fluff ball they left at the tip. Also, they left the shaggy fur on his legs and feet, making him look like he has little kitty Ugg's. But you can see how I would confuse This:

With THIS:

It seems as though Hillside Vet chooses the "popple cut" for the shaggiest of cats that come in.
(and all of a sudden all his stripes are gone?? I hope they grow back...)


Holly ( the bad daughter) said...

Oh Dom...karma is a bitch:)

Mindi said...


We saw you on the telethon--great job! How did you talk jack into going back to the hospital when he felt well...?!

Mindi and McKay

Kyle and Alli said...

Too funny. Popples. Wow.... I have not thought of those in years! I think we still have some hanging around in a closet somewhere. Poor Dominic!

Laura Lee said...

The Popple cut. That's funny.

I'm glad to see he has more confidence sans hair than Scooter who hid out in the basement for three days after his first shave.

Mindi said...

Lisa--You MUST blog about the playroom! So many moms will appreciate that story. I can only imagine the look on your face.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

oh that picture brings such joy to my life. i wonder what my dad would do if i were to maybe shave his horses like that. interesting. i should try it since i dont live there anymore and cant get in trouble lol. thanks for the advice by the way. you rock. xoxo

l.nelson said...

or....i could get a cat and shave him into a bear?? or any other wild animal for that matter. happy medium. lisa, i love your comments - thanks for the advice. i'm taking, using it, and enjoying it. hope all is well - i love your blog. xo.

Melissa said...

That is hilarious!!!!!