Friday, June 19, 2009

The "Big" Decision.

Today the Doctor's told me they would be consulting with Dr. Kouretas, Jack's surgeon. I know Kouretas, and how eager he is to get inside of people- literally. So they've decided to do a cath on Jack, scheduled monday. On top of that, they want to put him on a low-fat diet because of the Chylo. That is going to be trivial because of the need to get calories into Jack- but without him eating sticks of butter and cool whip, like he usually does.

We know that they want to do the cath to look at the pressures in Jack's pulmonary artery. It will tell them if it is too high, and if that is the cause of the repeated pleural effusions. If so- then I'm not exactly sure what is next. In fact, I'm not sure what happens next if the pressure ISN'T high. But I assume that they may try to balloon it open if it is too high, and help alleviate the high veloctiy that is in there.

So I don't have alot of answers right now. This is what I DO know, we will be here till they do the cath on monday. Then from there- who knows.

Yes, I'm scared.
No, Jack doesn't know what's going on.
Yes, we think this will hopefully tell us why this keeps happening.
No, we don't know how long we'll be here.

So, if it isn't too much to ask. Keep the prayers comin.


Mike and Rebecca said...

Our prayers are with Jack as his cath appointment Monday will hopefully give you guys some answers to his pulmonary pressures and heart function. Dr. Su is our daughters, cardiologist as well, we think he is so good with these children.

Many Prayers,
Mike Patton

Christina said...

I hope the cath gives you some answers. We will keep praying for you.

Did I see Jack on KSL today?

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Kelly D. said...

We're praying for you here!

You WERE on KSL!!! The best looking family at Primary Children's Hospital :)

Holly ( the bad daughter) said...

Oh my goodness, if anyone can get through something like's the TRENT FAM! Our prayers are ALWAYS with you guys! Love you much!!

kimberlee shaffer said...

oh Lisa, I am SORRY!!!! I guess like the rest of them all I can say is that we will pray for you like always, I will call your names into the LV Temple tomorrow. We love you all.