Saturday, June 27, 2009

These- are the days of our lives...

So as I fully expected, they are looking to perform the diaphragm plication in surgery tomorrow, to fix Jack. (One and for all- please.) The procedure is "minimally invasive" but surgery is surgery and Jack just had two of them. So it's not exactly something we are thrilled about, but it is something necessary for him. We aren't 100%, because we need to wait for Kouretas to give Birch the go ahead- but I'm pretty dang sure tomorrow will be one of the days Jack HAS surgery.

In the meantime, here are a few windows into our lives right now.

(Jack can get bored. Bored enough to attach MORE things to him than there already are..)

(Kind of looks like the point of insanity...doesn't it..)

(This is his IV that didn't last long. He is now without IV due to his veins retreating from being poked too many times.)

(This is one of Jack's three "leads" that are always stuck to him to read his heart rate, respitory rate, and perferations.)

(This is his pulse ox that is always on his toe to show us his oxygen saturations.)

(This was the chest tube that went in his lower ribs all the way up to his colar bone. It was a monster. It's gone now. Next to it, was the little tiny cath. It's also gone.)

(This is the pump that his IV med's went through, like lasix,'s also no longer around, since his IV is gone.)

(This is the monitor his leads read off to. It is what we watch, all day long. Heart rate 115 (we like between 90-135). His respitory rate is 19, which is good. And his 02 is 86, which is what he was satting at at home without oxygen, before his last surgery. The red numers are his blood pressure.)

(This is the expensive contraption that the chest tube led to. This is how we measured how much drainage came from his chest, and what color it was...whether it was Chylo or not.)

(This is the wagon- that we hoard in our room, as wagons are of high demand. We take daily rides in it and use it to transport him to radiology each morning for his 6am x-ray.)

(This is nap time. A happy time for me.)

(This is Enlive, a nutritional drink that taste awful, but makes wicked bubbles when blow through a straw.)

(These are the vegestables Jack won't eat.)

(This is one of the nurses that though they say Jack is their favorite- HAS to be exhausted by the end of the shift.)

(This is a token that used to be a really fun novelty after getting x-rays, but has since worn off, and he'd rather just get on with it and go back to bed.)

(This is an awesome sucker that Nat and Keisha stole from a wedding and brought to Jack. I'm assuming it's fat free.)

(These are Jack's girlie friends that hesitated at nothing to jump in bed with him.)

(They all jumped in the wagon without argument also.)

(Three is never a crowd.)

So this is my life right now. Jack is actually being a very good sport. He (justifyingly so) does have his moments of "I've had it with ALL THIS!!" and can be very frustrating and uncooperative, but he's been through alot and we need to remember that he never asked for any of this and we all just need to be patient.

When I hear from the surgeons, I'll let you know the plan.


Rolf and Trish said...

Thanks for the pictures--they tell the story of how you have to make survivable in the hospital. We're sure that's a fat-free sucker and nothing like wicked bubbles for entertainment, but we're going to protest that our hospital doesn't give out Xray medals. We've got a bead program where you get a different color for every procedure and milestone, but that gets old too when your kid is well on his way to constructing a bead curtain.

We'll be watching and praying on Monday.

Rolf and Trish

Lindz said...

Bless his cute little heart!

the lockes said...

Cutest three kids in the whole dang world! That sucker came courtesy of Libb and Soph's uncle's wedding! Love it! We had a really fun afternoon that evidenced by the pics posted here....."My child with half a heart is sweeter than your kid with a whole." "Save The Ta Tas!"