Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 2,365,789 at the hospital.

Jack did pretty well overnight. It was a battle to get him a prescription for morphine- even though the 4 other times we have had a chest tube he's had it, no question. So a couple nurses stood up for us and we managed to get it. That's the thing about narcotics up here, is how hard it is to get the morphine- then once you do, they hand it out like candy. He still has a cough and each time he coughs it is pretty painful with that chest tube inside of him.

Grandpa and Grandma got home from London last night and somehow made it up here to visit Jack. It was nice to have them here and both Jack and I are relieved they are home safe. He knew they were "at the airport."

Today the Doc's said that his x-ray looked good. We haven't bombarded him with as many diuretic's this time around, so the drainage is slower, but Jack's electrolytes aren't being as screwed up. They said depending on the drainage over the next day, they MAY or MAY NOT take the tube out tomorrow. We have still had quite a bit of drainage, so I don't expect them to take it out tomorrow. But who knows.

I met the Wright family, who happens to be bunking next door. It's always nice to meet other heart mom's, and Carla seems to be doing well.

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