Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Late Night With Trent Jackson

I'm really, really, seriously considering changing Jack's name. He get called Trent, repeatedly. (I myself, have been called "trent" before.) I'm deciding between changing "Jackson" to plain old "Jack." Or, switching the names completely and having him be "Trent Jackson." That has a pretty solid sound to it.

Somehow a very strange mistake was made in the PICU and someone put on his vitals monitor that he was "Jaxon." No offense to anyone with that name, or the likes of it, but I don't want anyone calling him "Jax." It's weird.

Jack has adopted many a nickname here. I've heard "kiddo", "buster", "baby", "sweetheart" and my new favorite- "charger."

Why am I posting such a pointless, useless, unnecessary post? Because Jack slept from 12 to 6 today and isn't up for much rest. He did get up and eat a lovely self-made combination of green beans, fat free ranch dressing and corn pops. Later after that he started to hurt alot. A way I haven' really seen. So we got him some more medicine, and an hour later gave him the numbing medication through his cath, for the chest cavity, and by that time he was sitting up playing again.

So here we are, watching Gabba, while Jack stuffs corn pops into Wall-E.


kimberlee shaffer said...

oh man Lisa, I wish I were there to watch Wall-e with you guys. IT is actually IRelands favorite. Tell Jax Ire says hi! (=

The Simmons Family said...

I am so bummed that you don't get to be HOME. Yes, the nurses can definetly overdo the nicknames. We heart "Big O" alot.. or "buddy boy" and one nurse used the chipmunk voice and ONLY spoke baby talk (not only to Owen, but to me). Good Luck with that.

On another note.. at least he's eating the fat free food... what a trooper.

Praying no more pain!!

Kelly D. said...

I am fond of "Charger." That was my high school mascot.

I hope Jack feels lots better today.

Kimmie said...

too son has been in the PICU/cardioligy world for 8 years now, and they STILL think his last name is his first!