Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh please.

One important thing I forgot to mention was that Jack is now on a FAT FREE diet. (hence, post title.)

For those of you who know Jack, there is no such thing as fat free. Not only that, but they don't even have a fat free menu here. We have to look at the low-fat menu and see what says "o grams of fat" and order that. That leaves us with about 8 things. Fruits, veggies, broth, a baked potato, corn flakes, cream of wheat, jell-o, and gatorade.


On a lighter note Jack did well last night (despite bed 16's loud, screaming patient) and he looks amazing for someone who just had surgery. The NP came over to tell me that he is an "absolute delight" because of how cute and cooperative he was when she was examining him. She asked if she could listen to him and he said "Maybe go get me a drink first." Then she tried to feel his liver, and he said "Please stop doing that." She doesn't want to let him go- but we are scheduled to leave the PICU and go back up to our room that Josh and I have been guarding like wolves.

He is on lasix 3x, aldactone, tordal (a med between morphine and tylenol) and the medication going into his cath to his chest walls. He is being SO good- and tolerating everything around him so well. I have never been more proud, or impressed.

Stay tuned.


Kathy said...

He is an amazing boy with amazing parents!

Laura Lee said...

I'm surprised he didn't say "Maybe Mommy can do that."

Wright Family said...

What a trooper you have! I have read about the fat free diet after the Fontan - in Boston there is a doctor that puts all of the people post fontan on a fat free diet. We will continue to pray that Jack will recover quickly and that you all can go home soon! Jen Wright

kimberlee shaffer said...

wow what a trooper! I love that kid too. Glad things went well and he is in good spirits.

The Simmons Family said...

I too am very impressed... he has been through a lot. No idea what to do with the fat free diet.. yikes. You'd think they would at the very least, offer a wider selection of fat free foods?! Hopefully they won't keep him on the diet long. I've thought about this alot because it's crazy... when they're little (like Owen) it's "give them lots of fatty foods to gain weight". Then they get used to it. Then when they get chlyo or (in Owen's situation) transplant.. then he'll need a "low fat" diet to avoid clogging his arteries which is a BIG side effect to transplants. YIKES. Ok, I'm done venting.

Get better soon Jack and hope you get the same room you've been guarding on the floor! HA!

Kyle and Alli said...

We are always tuned into the blog. Keep it coming! I love how you guys had to guard your room like hawks. I am seriously impressed that you got to keep it. You are getting better at the pushy mama act! We tried that a few times and always got kicked out!

Fat Free.... hhmmm.... when you are able to cook, you can do a little more with that. My mom was on a fat free kick for a while and we would eat enchiladas made with fat free cream of chicken soup, fat free sour cream, fat free cheese (yuck!), etc. Isn't "lower fat" better than nothing? Maybe you could just try to substitute things out in his normal meals... still takes a ton of time to worry about cooking. I hope that your neighbors bringing meals can figure out fat free! All the luck to you. I will try to think of some recipes.