Saturday, June 20, 2009

What's Next

I talked to someone that I think....I THINK... knows what is going on. We have had a bit of a struggle finding out if Jack IS or IS NOT on a low-fat diet, if he IS or IS NOT getting his tube out before the cath, if he IS or IS NOT going to need another procedure following the cath...


So I talked to Dr. Grey. I think he's a reliable source, (weekends are quiet and mysterious here, not as much noise and not as many doctor's walking around.) He told me they plan on leaving the tube in till Monday. It isn't putting out a lot of fluid, but they want to watch it, as they ARE going to change his diet. And as for the cath, there are a couple of scenario's that could come of it:

1) They go in, don't find anything wrong, and decide to address this issue with diuresis, and hope that if we keep him on his med's for a longer period of time, we can avoid this from happening again.
2) They go in and something stares them in the face as a problem, and they balloon it, and put a stent in the narrowing, and that helps this from occurring again.
3) Something is really wrong- and they have to correct it surgically.

I believe those are in the order of seriousness, starting from least, to most.

We will be here, hanging out all weekend long. Jack is acting like himself, but he is attached to the chest tube that can be painful if he moves around too much. So we can't exactly do whatever we want. Perhaps I can discuss his wish with him- and we can get a better idea of what Jack wants to wish for.


Kelly D. said...

Thanks for the updates, Lisa. We're praying everything goes smoothly on Monday and that the doctors can figure this out.

Kyle and Alli said...

Wow. I guess if you need to talk to anyone, Dr. Gray is a good one since he is one of the Cath Lab docs. Lots of unknowns. Our prayers are always with you guys. is it weird to say that in some ways, I want to be at Primary's in the room next to you guys right now, just to hear the immediate play by play and get some relief from hospital life? I won't wish too hard cause it would mean that Grant crashed again, but please know our thoughts are with you guys.

I also just read the Make a Wish fun!! I do worry on the character wishes.... what if you were to do an extreme room makeover?? Jack's bedroom could be remade to be a play land for the Gabba's or a racetrack for the Cars theme.... trips are always great (I read Andrea's post...great ideas!) but we can for sure get you guys through Yellowstone (too bad we don't have a Hawaii hookup!) if he wants to. Could he be at the racetrack in a box office to keep the noise down? Maybe take a slower ride in a really awesome red sports car and get his own racing jacket? Hmmm....I will keep thinking. Your whole family deserves the wish for all the repeat trips. Happy Father's day in the hospital. Enjoy the orange sticks. :~

Mindi said...

I am so bummed and frustrated for you! I hope tomorrow brings some comforting answers and a PLAN for getting and staying out of there. The wish thing is so, so cool--almost too big to process. I will noodle on that one tonight...

Many prayers for Jack!