Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The weekenders..

Last weekend we decided to do a "mini-vaycay" because we don't dare venture too far from Primary's. We spent friday and saturday night in midway, at our cabin. Upon arrival, I do the usual "check" before having everyone else enter- because there are often surprises. The surprises waiting for us THIS time were two-fold.

First...waiting in the middle of the floor, with no ability to walk, was a newborn baby mouse. Its eyes hadn't even opened yet, so more than the fear and disgust I experienced, was the confusion and mystery of HOW in the world it got to where it was. So I yelled for Josh and he picked it up with a paper towel. After showing Jack the cute baby mouse- we tossed it over board to "go back to its mommy....."

Then, I go to check out the bathroom (because there has been a bad history of things drowning in the toilets..) and flying around the room adjacent to the bathroom is a SWARM of bumble bee's. Not the cute kind- the big, furry, low-humming ones. There were about 30-40. At that point I lost a lot of the nostalgia I felt for the cabin and just about wanted to tear it down. Josh- again to the rescue, performed his own extermination. After about 5 minutes in there with the amount of Raid he sprayed, they were all pretty wasted and we got them all out. I took pictures of both of these surprises, but due to graphic content, I decided to put up cartoon pictures, as to protect the delicate eyes of those who are more "indoor" people:

Baby mouse:

Bumble Bee:

The next day- I heard a squeaking coming from behind a picture on the wall. Josh thought it was IN the wall, whereas I was pretty sure it was literally behind the picture. He pulled the picture off the wall and DOWN fell baby mouse number two. This one, like the other one was quite new to this world. But it seemed to have the strength to crawl around a little bit. After watching that for a minute, he was sent to join his brother. If you ask Jack, he'll tell you the baby mouse "fell". Which is true. With the help of Josh's arm.

On a lighter note, we went to Park City and did the Alpine Coaster a couple of times (thanks, Kate and Kev) and then went swimming and had dinner with Josh's sister's family. Jack loves his cousins- Soren, Cali, and Sawyer.


Kelly D. said...

Oh, man. Thanks for the pictures (I'm definitely one of the ones who could not have handled the real deal). I'm suddenly rethinking our trip there next month . . .

Jergs Family said...

Maybe I don't want to go to the cabin with my kids. If I go, I'll probably need Josh there to exterminate all the creatures. YIKES! I hope it was a nice getaway despite the obvious intrusion of nature.

Lindz said...

Yes, I do love the cabin, but things like that do tend to keep me away...maybe we need to buy a cabin cat!