Saturday, July 4, 2009

the rest.

Though it was really nice for all of us to get out, Jack was very down, very emotional, and sort of lethargic. When we returned, (which was devastating to Jack) we had to get a new IV (also devastating) and they drew labs. Jack's potassium is now shot down again, to 3.0. It is supposed to be between 3.6 and 5.2. When it is low it really take a toll on the body and it's basically like sucking the electricity out of something.

So they of course ordered that awful potassium that Jack won't take, because it tastes like seawater flavored gasoline, and they won't prescribe us the kind from the outpatient pharmacy that he DOES take. So I'm faced with this problem of getting this really important medicine into Jack, either by following the rules and forcing it down him while he struggles and cries- or go home, get the stuff he usually takes and sneak it to him up here and somehow explain how his levels went up to the doctor's. The nurse called the NP telling her that we can't do this to Jack and he most likely won't take it, and if he does he usually throws it up. She sent in two banana's and two things of gatorade saying he has to do that instead. Well, not only does he not like banana's, but he has no appetite anyway. They won't do it thru IV because it's a metal- and is harsh on the veins. He already screams and squirms when they put saline solution through his IV his veins are so shot.

So I talked to the nurse, telling her that we will give it one shot- maybe we can trick Jack into thinking it's the stuff from home and maybe he'll swallow some of it.... but I really don't know.


Kelly D. said...

I'm sorry re-entry was traumatic. And that the medicine is so horrible. Yuck.

But it was SOOOO good to see you guys today. My fingers are crossed that we'll all be back at the park playing again SOON :)

Wright Family said...

Poor baby! I'm so sorry that things have been so tough for your sweet boy. I hope you guys can get him well and out of the hospital soon. I can only imagine how thin his patience has run. Enough already, right! I will pray that Jack gets to go home soon. Jen