Sunday, July 5, 2009

Better day.

So the potassium Jack choked down last night worked wonders, and it went from 3.0 to 3.7 (THANK YOU VERY MUCH.) Unfortunately he will still be taking the diuretic's, and it may get shot down again, but our nurse Dave, told us potatoes have more potassium than banana's, so Jack's been packin down potatoes all day long. He has had a fun day, as well as his mom and dad.
My mom let us leave today for a few hours, so Josh and I relaxed in the sun (me a bit too much) but it was nice. Jack had fun with my mom, and had many a visitors tonight...

As long as Jack tolerates his oral med's and he stays dry doing so, we will get closer and closer to going home. PLEASE, LET US STAY HOME FOR GOOD.


the lockes said...

Hooray! Who knew potatoes could be such a God send? Thanks for letting us visit and run around. Had a blast hanging out and are thrilled by the update.

Anonymous said...

Jack is blessed to have parents with such tenacity and concern. We prayed for you several times over the weekend as holidays in the hospital can be so disorienting. Glad the K is headed the right way and things are drying up.

Still here watching and praying.