Friday, July 3, 2009

Groundhog Day.

Today they pulled Jack's chest tube. Not because things are great and we are getting ready to go home, but because there is trapped fluid in pockets, that the tube can't get. We learned this through an ultrasound today. They will be putting another chest tube tomorrow (this may the the 10th one) and they will be doing it in fluroscopy, where they can watch their movements live via x-ray and see where the pockets are.

We are doing all we can to stay positive and keep from falling into despair, but it is pretty hard. I do my best to stay happy and positive around Jack and keep him moticated to get better and to get home soon. I just hope that the doctor's stay on top of his case and make him a priority, as we are coming up on our 4th holiday in the hospital.

Jack is doing really well, and still has his adorable sense of humor. We love him and he is our hero.

Everything tomorrow starts at 9am. So I'll post tomorrow later on.

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Melissa said...

I am so sorry! That is so rough. Is there anything that I can dofor you? You are such a good mom to Jack -I know he appreciates all you do for him. Good luck today with the chest tube placement!