Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Long story short, good x-ray this morning and labs show potassium is down again. So we came home on lasix 3X daily, Aldactone 3X daily, Diuril 2X daily, Potassium bi-daily and asprin. He is on .5 litres of 02.

Jack left the "demon" that possessed him- at the hospital, and is very happy to be home. He is doing ok with the fat-free diet (i say ok, because he's asking for the usual stuff he has here, pizza, mac'n'cheese..) and he is playing like old times in the basement and we've gone to the store, swung on the swings outside, and fed the ducks.

I'm tired. Very, very, very tired. And irritable.

So hopefully I'll kick back into my more creative, interesting blogger- that I know I am deep down.

But for now- so the masses know, Jack is home, safe and sound, and we are going to try to think positive, and stay home for good.


leandparkermakes3 said...

So, when can I bring dinner? It might be boring, but how does grilled chicken and couscous sound? I could bring it Thursday or Friday. Is there a veggie Jack likes? Let me know. I'm so happy you are all home. I'll pray it stays that way. Love you guys.

leandparkermakes3 said...

so glad you are sleeping in your own beds. Goat's milk? Grandma thinks that is the rememdy for Jack. She is very concerned about him and doesn't know how to help. you have every right to be so so so tired and so so so irritable. come by and Jack can play.

Mindi said...

Yahoo. Amen. Hallelujah.

Continued prayers that you both continue to recover.


Liz said...

Yeah! Will was asking when we were going to see Jack again. Let me know when a good time is and I'll try to make it out there.

The Smith's said...

I was so happy to read the news that you all are home! Praying that you are able to get good rest in your OWN bed and begin to recover from all that hospital time.


Jergs Family said...

Yeah!! We are so happy for you all. There's no place like home...where have I heard that before? We hope that all goes as planned and that there won't be any more trips to the hospital for a very long time! We love you.

Christina said...

Glad you are (finally) home (again)! Here is hoping for continued good x-rays and a happy boy.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Anonymous said...

Run away, Jack, Run away!

So glad you're out of that place. Hope you all get some good rest and peace at home.

Great news!


Wright Family said...

Thank God! Finally home! How long does Jack have to stay on a low fat diet? Jen

Anonymous said...

So, so happy for you and your family...especially little Jack! Amy...a fellow heart Mom :)

acrspeech said...

You are still creative to me Lisa. Please take good care of yourself! If I was there I'd join in with Liz and bring you a nice fat free dinner....I have many in my bag of tricks :) I'm so glad you are all home and that life seems somewhat back to normal. I love you all! Still praying of course.