Thursday, July 2, 2009

"can I get back home?"

This morning was arduous. Jack's x-ray didn't look good. I always make a note to look at it so I know what kind of day I am in for. I see it before any doc's do. Our NP was upstairs when we got back and I told her it wasn't good- so based on my professional radiological skills, she called the IV team to come put an IV back in Jack (his went bad last night, so we had switched all his meds to oral) and she notified Dr. Kouretas- all before looking a the x-ray herself. That is how close I am to working here.

The two of them came in to a very frightened Jack, and Dr. K. told me he was going to pull back the tube a bit, to see if the fluid was just in a spot that the tube wasn't. So before that of course, we had to get a new IV, so we could get labs, get Jack medicated so he wouldn't feel all the pain while his tube was being pulled and be prepared to start him on more diuretic's. Jack is rapidly running out of useful veins, and the IV team had to poke him twice to get a good one. We started the morphine. Then right when he calmed down from that, Kouretas came back and in his technical, surgeonous manner- he pulled Jack's tube back a bit, then aspirated it over and over again and was able to pull out a substantial bit of fluid. So within 45 seconds of Kouretas telling Jack he was "all done", Jack was chattin' it up with him about this CARS bandaid's and how he wanted to go for a walk. So we walked around for about a half hour, then came back to the room for some breakfast.

Then it turned 7am.
"what does this all mean?" you all ask-

Well it isn't a horrible, horrible set back, but it DOES 'set us back' about a day or so. We need to leave the tube in and make sure that if there is fluid it can drain- that it will drain it. We also upped his diuretic's to dry him out a little more, and perhaps the tube will come out tomorrow. In my moment of complete hopelessness, Dr. Kouretas gave me a little pep-talk saying that this isn't a disaster, and that we are making progress but each time we "do" something to him, it sets him back from full recovery. But we are making our way there, and we won't be here for the rest of our lives...........

So he said 3-4 days. His words.


Kelly D. said...

In every prayer she says, Piper asks that "Jack can get out of the doctor's." We'll keep that up.


rudysbeat said...

Jack's toughness is inspiring and so is yours.

Praying that the fluid slows and that you'll have one of those unique hospital holidays--home is just around the corner!


Mindi said...

I was just logging on to give you a bad time about the lack of updates when I saw this little ditty. Hmmm. I'm sorry the news is not better, faster, and given from home.

You should ask for a discount on always entertaining, massive bills headed your way--I think you've done your share of sweat equity this time around.

We're thinking of you. Praying for you. Basically trying to will you out of your holding pattern.

By the way 3083 is my house number and it's seems too eerily close to becoming a change of address for you--get out of there, will ya?!

Much love,

Kyle and Alli said...

Hmmm.... nicely done. What initials would you like after your name? Lisa Trent, M.D., N.P, R.N.? Sounds like they all fit. perhaps you could ask them to teach you how to insert the chest tube so you could stay home? I sure hope you get out of there soon!