Friday, July 10, 2009

A Good Day

This morning I went alone with Jack to Primary's for his check-up. We thought maybe he wouldn't feel like we were all checking in there if we all went. He didn't have any meltdowns, and he was really good through each test and bounced back pretty quickly. The x-ray looks good- there is still a "small amount of fluid" that they aren't even sure IS fluid, it may be pleural scarring..something that will just be there forever. Nothing to worry about. But right now we are just keeping him on the diuretic's to see if it clears. His blood looks ok, the potassium is low, but not low enough for us to keep giving it to him. The chloride is low- so I think we'll bump it up with some salt and one less dose of diuril a day. He had a really good day.

We went to the zoo, as incentive- after Primary's. It was nice. Then we had a little lunch and drove around a bit to get a nap in. He played in the basement for a few hours doing his own thing with his own imagination, which is really good to see because it makes me feel like he can still be himself in spite of everything.

Now we are finishing up our potato fries dinner, and we are gettin ready for a walk.

I want to mention something that was so genuine and rare, something that restores my faith in strangers. Walking around at the zoo today I was approached by a sweet lady who asked me if Jack was my son. I said yes and she said "He is so adorable, he looks just great!" and I thanked her and told her he had just finished his 5th surgery and was recovering from a long visit at Primary's. She quickly said "he looks like he needs a present" and she handed over a bag that she was holding from the zoo gift shop. She hadn't gone and bought it for him, she had gotten it for herself or someone else and saw Jack with his little O2 tank sitting in his stroller with his fat free saltines and she turned it right over to him. It was a cute little stuffed animal. She told me good luck and kept on her way. It is so heart warming to see that kind of generosity and kindness come from someone who has never seen us or heard our story.

So thank you, to the nice lady that gave Jack that cute little Lemur. We'll always be reminded of your consideration when we see it.


Laura Lee said...


I'm glad the days are getting a little easier.

Kyle and Alli said...

What a great zoo moment. I love the kind people in this world. I hope that you guys continue to stay out of the hospital!