Sunday, July 5, 2009

last night/today

I finally had a meltdown last night after Jack wouldn't even respond to me and was crying and screaming. It was like he was senial. It was horrible. But he HAD to take the med's.

Jack was "scared" into taking his medicine - as Josh and I left the room and the nurses forced down one, then we came back and he told me "Mommy, don't go away" and I got him to take potassium.

Afterwards, he ate a bit of dinner and was acting more himself. He wanted to watch fireworks so we went to the patio and while sitting there he said to me "Thanks for taking me to the picnic".

He warms and breaks my heart, everyday.


The Simmons Family said...

Ok.. that broke my heart. Poor guy. I'm so sorry he's having such a rough time. I have had the hospital meltdown many, many times. I'm praying you get out of there SOON.

So sorry.


Laura Lee said...

Poor kid. It was so hard watching him at the picnic, feeling like he couldn't fully participate in everything. Little things, like eating chicken.

SO cute though. I'm glad he was able to come and I'm glad he was glad.

Melissa said...

There is nothing harder than seeing your little one in pain and not being able to do a thing for them. You wish they could just understand how important the gross meds are and cooperate. Ugh. I'm glad you got to leave the hospital for a few hours!!

Mindi said...

So sad. There is just no way to make them understand this is all happening because you love them so much. For now, we understand and someday so will he.

You are so strong Lisa. Hang in there. It will get better.


Kyle and Alli said...

Oh Lisa. I am so sorry. You deserve a good meltdown day. What a continuous nightmare this has been. I will pray for a Potassium Miracle...maybe it is an acquired taste that Jack will get used to? not likely but there has to be a positive end in sight.

Gavin's Mama said...

Still praying for you all... I know we are far away, but is there ANYTHING we can do??