Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

This morning we woke up and had breakfast at the Gingerbread House. Some friends from Disney were at the Village to meet the kids, so we got a few pictures. Jack got to bring his new Mickey Mouse doll to meet Mickey and Minnie, and they signed the feet of the doll. He was thrilled to meet them, but confused as to why they were so big and non-verbal.

We headed off to the Magical Kingdom where we met up with Josh's parent's, Larry and Mayetta. I regret to inform that I have no pictures of them on this trip- so I'll have to steal some from Mayetta's camera. They were such sports trekking around the park with us. We FIRST headed to Tomorrowland, to find the Buzz Lightyear ride. Jack loves this ride and went on it over and over in DisneyLAND, so we knew we had to to it more than once. Our "button" that Jack wore and the "Guest Pass" we received from GKTW, allowed us to go straight to the FastPass lane, without having to get a FastPass, so essentially, we got to go to the shortest lines possible. Jack did meet Buzz after this ride, but those pictures will come later.

After that, we drove some cars, that were pretty tricky to steer, but very fun. Then we left Jack with Larry and Josh, Mayetta and I went to Space Mountain. We returned to a very sad and teary-eyed Jack, who only wanted a Buzz Lightyear that talks. Being that we were given some spending money and this was his wish trip, we thought he should of course have it. He perked right up and was happy from that point on.

We had some lunch at a little Mexican place in the middle of Adentureland and Tomorrowland, and headed off to some more. Mayetta took Jack on the Magic Carpet ride and to the Swiss Family Robinson Tree. Larry, Josh and I hit Splash Mountain for some good, wet fun. We also did Pirate's, which was cool cause we got to go through the "cast member's entrance" but then lame, cause it wasn't nearly as cool as the one in California.

Jack was wiped out pretty quickly, so we went over to Thunder Mountain, and let Mayetta have a run on Splash Mountain. By that time, we knew if Jack woke up, he'd be over it and we should head off.

I found this by Tom Sawyers- and figured it was a tribute to my parents.

Just before heading out, we saw Woody and Jesse. They were headed off for a break, but Woody saw Jack's button and came back over to see him. They were super sweet.

That night it was Christmas at the Village. They had completely decorated it in tinsel and christmas trees. There was Christmas music blasting and "Elf" playing on the movie screen. Santa was there, so after dinner Jack went to see him but ended up skipping over the visit and going straight to the presents. There was a whole wall of gifts for kids to choose from. Jack wanted the Rubix Cube, but we convinced him to get Connect Four instead..

It was supposed to snow in the Village, but it was raining in Florida, so we went back to the Villa and went to bed.

(Jack showing us his loot at the Villa)

(Jack meeting Buzz)

(Jack filming me and grandma)


Kyle and Alli said...

How fun that Josh's parents were able to come and join you so that you guys could also enjoy some of the "big kid" rides! I am really impressed by this group's dedication to all of the small things that make this trip unique for Jack. I can't wait for tomorrow's pictures!

Liz said...

So how funny is it that I could picture exactly where you were the whole time at Disney? I am glad he wasn't too freaked out by the characters. My kids always ask why they don't talk too. Can't wait to see more!

Leslie said...

lis, this is so fun to read! it looks like you had a good time, and i'm glad that he finally got his trip! :)

Laura Lee said...

So do you think he's going to be massively disappointed next time you go and there aren't presents for him every day? And you can't stay in the Village?

Lisa Marie Trent said...

We will never return.