Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

This is what Jack had for breakfast at the Animal Kingdom. Bad mother, I know. It is a Zebra Cupcake. It was massive.

The Animal Kingdom is huge, and the day was a little cloudy, but really nice. We went on the "Safari" and saw all sorts of animals ranging from low to high on the food chain, all fenced in to one area.

I heard flamingo's got their color from eating shrimp, and I thought it was a joke. It's not. But I still don't know why they all face the same way when they sleep.

I tried to take a few artistic shots since I had been treating my camera like crap.

Jack really enjoyed the drums. Whether it was watching people play them, or playing them himself.

After walking through the jungle, we decided to find a fun ride that Jack was tall enough for. So we stretched him out on the measuring stick to see if he was tall enough to go on the Rapid Rivers ride. He WAS. So all excited that Jack got to go on a "real" ride, we got on the raft and headed to the top of the hill. The raft twisted and turned and crashed at the bottom of the waterfall, and the three of us- our of the 6 people on the raft got DRENCHED. Jack, especially. His face immediately turned to utter discomfort and his brow stayed furrowed till we got off the ride. So I changed his shirt, and took off his pants and covered him with my sweatshirt. Then Josh and I took turns on the EVEREST ride. REALLY, really fun roller coaster.

We headed home for a rest, then went back out to what was supposed to be Epcot, but in the interest of Jack, we went back to Hollywood Studios and did the Toy Story Ride 5 times in a row. Josh and I also got to do the Tower of Terror, because Jack was asleep when we arrived at the park. So he got in a good nap, and we got in a good ride.

That night, Mayetta wanted to show Jack the "World's Largest McDonald's Playplace" which sounded like my biggest nightmare, but again, this is Jack's trip, and I knew he would enjoy it. This McDonald's was incredible. It had two floors, and the menu included the usual junk, then taco salads and pastas and wraps.... and the crawly-play-land place was huge. So huge, that we lost Jack a couple of times in there. He found a friend and followed her in and out of the place for what seemed like hours. By the time we pulled him out he was kicking and screaming in some sort of possessed fit, but later apologized for his behavior.

We said our goodbye's to Larry and Mayetta (thank you guys for coming, again) then headed back for our last night at the Village.

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little moma (Summ) said...

I call that "zebra cupcake" for breakfast a good mom (you're on vaca right?) Also your pics are SOOOOO amazing, you really are gifted! It's been fun reading about your trip.