Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, March 19th, 2010

This morning I sadly woke up with a sore throat. But determined to have another fun day, we got up and headed for Disney Hollywood Studio's. We were really excited about this place because most of Jack's favorite movies stemmed from Pixar, and there was a Toy Story Ride and a Pizza Planet here.

We first met one of the toy soldiers, who was so awesome-looking. I loved him.

Then Jack acted like a monkey in front of the barrel of monkey's.

And we got to meet Buzz and Woody and have our pictures taken with them on "Andy's Bed." Woody made a pass at me, but Josh didn't want to beat up Woody in front of Jack, so we let it go.

We ate at Pizza Planet, which turned out to not be anything like the Pizza Planet in the movie, so I was somewhat disappointed.

Then Jack got to meet is Favorite's, Lightning McQueen, and Mater. He thought it was pretty cool to see them life size.

We went to the Stunt Car Show, it was lots of fun, very noisy and super educational. Jack enjoyed watching the cars screech around and drive backwards.

Then we went to a Playhouse Disney show, where they had puppets of all the characters from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Tigger and Pooh and Little Einstein's. Jack is very familiar with all of those, so it was really fun for him to see.

As for rides, we really only did the Toy Story ride, but we did it a few times. It's really cool, you have 3D glasses and get to shoot at stuff. Very interactive.

We returned to the Village to find a letter on our table informing us that an intestinal illness has broken out in the village, and they've contacted the Health Department to find our what precautions to take... and that the restaurants would be closed, as well as the ice cream shop.

So we headed to the pool, to find them kicking everyone out of it. So we LEFT the Village, and had dinner with Larry and Mayetta at a place called "Fish Bones" and it was DELICIOUS. I got crab legs and Josh got the biggest pork chop I've ever seen. In fact I think there were two of them. Nice meal. We went home to the safest place for us in the Village, our Villa, and went to bed.

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Liz said...

First- I should have told you about Pizza Planet, sorry. I am glad you guys liked the Toy Story ride, if we could, that would be the only ride we would go on there. And I'm glad you got to go to Fish Bones, very tasty, good choice!