Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

We woke up to some clouds, and high hopes. The day began nicely, we had breakfast at LArry and Mayetta's place again. Then Jack showed us his "puppy face" from BOLT:
(He did a spectacular impersonation now that I look at them side by side..)

We headed off to SeaWorld. Our first stop was to be the dolphin's, because we wanted to get there at a good time to feed them- when they were still hungry. But we ran into the sting ray's first. It seemed like there were hundreds of them in this one pool. They were flapping all over the place, splashing people. Mayetta bought some fish to feed them, and you put it between your fingers then put your hand into the water and their vacuum mouths SUCK it up. It is awesome.

This bird was hilarious. There was a dolphin trainer with buckets of fish, feeding the dolphins. The bird would tip-toe over to the bucket to steal a fish while she had her bad turned, but never succeeded.

GKTW gave us one free tray of fish to feed the dolphin's, but the nice guy gave us two. The sweet dolphin's were so friendly and loved their fish. It went by really fast, but it was fun. The first time I've touched a dolphin I think.

This is a pretty flower.

We went to the Shamu show, which was the same one as the one we saw in California. But with a number of changes. 1. No trainers in the water, 2. No awesome whale-trainer tricks, 3. The big elephant in the room that was "which one of these whales did it?"

But it was still enjoyable. We didn't get wet this time. That is, until later.

We took Jack on one ride and it started to dump rain, so we had lunch, and decided to go into the Arctic, where we would be indoors. We saw the cool beluga whales, the polar bear and some walrus.

After we got out it was STILL raining and Jack was about to hit a wall. So we left Larry and Mayetta behind, and trekked to our car in the torrential down pour. We all got soaked. So much for staying dry at the Shamu show.

We went home and tried to nap and took it easy. Our little family ate dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (yum) and watched Celebrity Apprentice- then went to bed.

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